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Re: inc and non-compliant long lines redux

From: Andy Bradford
Subject: Re: inc and non-compliant long lines redux
Date: 15 Nov 2022 19:28:41 -0700

Thus said "Andy Bradford" on 09 Nov 2022 21:18:55 -0700:

> I've been  running it for  a couple of  days and it  seems to work  as I
> haven't  discovered any  corrupted  message or  lost  anything; it  even
> preserves the huge lines that shouldn't be present.

Well, I've run into my first  bug with this particular patch. I'm trying
to track it down. Somehow these lines are causing truncation of the rest
of the message  and leaving the POP connection in  a potentially unknown

ng> <the outputfile of pdftotext>" and render this text in the browser=
. Optionally the output file can be stored and rendered in the reposit=

I suspect that  for some reason the buffer is  aligning just well enough
that for  some reason  the has_prefix() being  called in  multiline() is
flagging it as a the terminator  and cutting off the communication early
even though  there is  more data to  be read. Things  don't end  well. I
haven't been receiving emails properly  since that message arrived in my
POP mail store, so I may not be getting everything.

Guess I'm eating  my own dog food  for now. I'll watch  the mailing list
archives for responses while I dig into the code some more to see why it
might be bailing out early.


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