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Re: coming back to (N)mh after a 15 year hiatus..

From: Jude DaShiell
Subject: Re: coming back to (N)mh after a 15 year hiatus..
Date: Fri, 9 Apr 2021 14:16:07 -0400

Have you tried orgrow yet? If not, it's a swiss army knife of an application and may help you out.

On Fri, 9 Apr 2021, Michael Richardson wrote:

George Michaelson <ggm@pobox.com> wrote:
   > I'm trying to come back to nmh after 15 years in the wilderness of
   > Mail.app and related.

What will you do for calendaring?
I moved to Google Calendar when I got a smartphone 10+ years ago, and I am
now very much unhappy with it.
I try to go back to Thunderbird/Lightning now and then, but discover that the
Google calendar plugins just don't work, and the whole thing seems to be very
slow.  I leave Thunderbird running under VNC connected to the IETF IMAP
server so that I can read archives when I need to. I leave it running so that
I don't have to take the hit of reading the billion emails in the IETF

I otherwise use mh-e + nmh for email.  When I get calendar stuff, I bound to
by gmail account, open the browser, and insert into calendar.... but the
interoperability of calendaring is on the wane, with Google doing the worst
job.  (I'd pay them if I could, but it seems that they won't let me buy
Google Calendar unless I also let them manage my DNS zone)

My ideal situation would still be an IMAP server running local serving my inbox.
Yes Ken... wouldn't IMAP be nice :-)
Well, actually, POP3 (leave email on server) would also work JUST FINE for my 
use case.

Then I'd point Thunderbird/Lightning to that and just click on the calendar
things.  I would then just have a WebDAV to store my calendar... I think that
my NextCloud (on my Freedombox) installation will do that just fine.

There are other solutions involving the gcalapi program that can read MH
files fine and interact with google calendar, but I haven't really figured
that part out.

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