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multiply linked emails

From: Michael Richardson
Subject: multiply linked emails
Date: Fri, 29 May 2020 12:41:38 -0400

I now have a practice of putting my outgoing emails in my +outgoing, and also
in a mailbox relating to the subject. (Kudos if anyone has some mh-e code to
automate filling in the FCC).

MH nicely files it into both folders via hard links.
(Alas, those do not survive archival to a different file system)

Some thoughts:
  1) could it leave the FCC: in place, while still removing it from the
     outgoing email?
     (Yes, this is among the meta-data that we keep wanting to store. ARGH.
     I keep thinking we should store all email as message of meta-data,
     containing a message/rfc822 content...)

  2) would it be reasonable to have a mh-format that returned the number of
     hard links so that I could see in my scan that it was also stored

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