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Re: [nmh-workers] nmh sourcesfile:///home/norm/Desktop/repl.desktop

From: Alexander Zangerl
Subject: Re: [nmh-workers] nmh sourcesfile:///home/norm/Desktop/repl.desktop
Date: Sat, 26 Oct 2019 09:54:08 +1000

On Wed, 23 Oct 2019 14:44:14 -0700, address@hidden writes:
>comp: error while loading shared libraries: libreadline.so.6: cannot open 
>shared object file: No such file or directory
>What I am doing wrong?

it looks as if you're not doing anything wrong, at least not at this particular
point in time.

quick workaround: sudo apt install libreadline6

what's going on? i'm not entirely certain.

first hunch: you have ended up with an nmh package which was built
by some piece of kit that linked the packages against libreadline but omitted
to specify that nmh depends on the libreadline package. this should be
near impossible (as the package build automation looks at all the binaries
and their shared lib dependencies).

the ubuntu packages that i checked (for ubuntu releases 16.x, 18.x,
19.x) were all correct(but see below) in that they didn't link
libreadline and didn't depend on that package either.

second hunch: your system has a mix of locally built nmh binaries and
some stuff from ubuntu. your locally built stuff was built against
libreadline, but ubuntu's packages didn't depend on it so its presence
is not enforced. if you then cleanup 'unnecessary' packages then
libreadline may very well vanish.

find /usr -name comp |xargs -n1 dpkg -S
should tell you where your comp file(s) came from (well, at least originally;
there's no safeguards against scribbling into /usr/bin/mh/ by the root user.

regading 'correctly' not including libreadline: that's my oversight, and
it will be fixed in the next nmh version.
i haven't specified that nmh should build-depend on libreadline, so the
default configure flag 'use readline: maybe' won't lead to it
being used. this is because the debian autobuilders always create
packages from a fresh utterly minimal set of packages. only stuff that a
package marks as being required for building (aka build-depend) is
installed, then the package is built after which things are cleaned up.

(this slightly imperfect package configuration does not, however,
explain binaries linked against libreadline included in a package that
doesn't depend on libreadline.)


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