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Re: [nmh-workers] Forwarding html email

From: aalinovi
Subject: Re: [nmh-workers] Forwarding html email
Date: Wed, 07 Aug 2019 13:45:50 -0400

>>I am trying to figure out how to forward an html email.
>Conrad gave you the correct answer, but let me expand on that a bit.
>But ... I have some questions for you.  We tried to document this
>behavior in the forw(1) man page.  Here's the resulting snippet from it:
>       To  use  the  MIME  rules  for encapsulation, specify the -mime switch.
>       This directs forw to generate an mhbuild composition file.   Note  that
>       nmh  will  not invoke mhbuild automatically; you must specifically give
>       the command
>            What now? mime
>       prior to sending the draft.
>My questions are: did you look at the forw(1) man page?  If so, did you
>see this section?  If you did see this section, was it unclear?  If it
>was unclear, could you tell us how it was unclear?  I don't mean this
>to be crapping on you; I genuinely want to know how we could make our
>documentation better.
Yes, I did look at the forw(1) man page, tho obviously not as carefully 
as I should have. And yes, I do recall seeing that section. The error I 
was making was in not using the -mime switch. As a result, in the email 
I was trying to forward:

aalinovi:~$ show 1
aalinovi:~$ forw
What now? mime
mhbuild: unknown directive "#e2e2e2"
What now?

Another thing that confused me was that when I used forw I was seeing 
the raw html. I guess I was thinking I should see the text as I do when 
I use repl.

Thinking about it, I suppose one mistake I made was turning to Jerry 
Peek's book first and then to the man pages. Don't misunderstand me - I 
think the book is good and has helped me a lot but I'll admit to getting 
frustrated and confused trying to follow his instructions where nothing 
I did seemed to work and I couldn't figure out why.

As a result i probably wasn't in the best frame of mind when I finally 
did turn to the man page and skimmed rather paying attention to what I 
was reading.

I don't believe the documentation is unclear. The fault is mine for, as 
I said above, not reading as carefully as I should have.


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