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Re: [nmh-workers] Forwarding html email

From: Ken Hornstein
Subject: Re: [nmh-workers] Forwarding html email
Date: Wed, 07 Aug 2019 12:37:52 -0400

>I am trying to figure out how to forward an html email.

Conrad gave you the correct answer, but let me expand on that a bit.
(also, "dist" would have worked fine; if you've never used that
interface before it sends the message along but it puts your information
in "Resent" headers, like "Resent-From", "Resent-To", etc etc.  If the
recipient doesn't know to look for that they would think the message was
from the ORIGINAL sender and not you and that confuses people).

>Also, I don't understand how forw -mime works as all I get in
>the forwarded message is the line:
>#forw [forwarded message] +/home/aalinovi/Mail/inbox 1

So, the REAL problem here is nmh (and MH) was written back when MIME
was barely a thing and MIME messages were the exception and not the norm.
What forw -mime does is generate a directive for mhbuild, which is the
tool which converts drafts into compliant MIME messages.  When mhbuild
processes the draft it will then make sure the resulting message will
have proper MIME encapsulation.  It's kind of hard to do that automatically;
I've thought about ways to do that but I haven't come up with a good scheme
yet given the current way nmh is structured.

But ... I have some questions for you.  We tried to document this
behavior in the forw(1) man page.  Here's the resulting snippet from it:

       To  use  the  MIME  rules  for encapsulation, specify the -mime switch.
       This directs forw to generate an mhbuild composition file.   Note  that
       nmh  will  not invoke mhbuild automatically; you must specifically give
       the command

            What now? mime

       prior to sending the draft.

My questions are: did you look at the forw(1) man page?  If so, did you
see this section?  If you did see this section, was it unclear?  If it
was unclear, could you tell us how it was unclear?  I don't mean this
to be crapping on you; I genuinely want to know how we could make our
documentation better.


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