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Re: [nmh-workers] Formatting HTML to Text: netrik.

From: Ken Hornstein
Subject: Re: [nmh-workers] Formatting HTML to Text: netrik.
Date: Wed, 03 Jul 2019 16:56:36 -0400

>I'm sure that building the port will crate a situation in which
>thinks -could- all work well.  But I still have all of these
>mucked-up personal configuration files, both ~/.mh_profile and
>also several sub-configuration files underneath my Mail/ directory.
>(I wish that all this stuff could be put in one file.  Maybe in
>future NMH might support an XMLish single configuration file

Weeeelll ... I get where you're coming from, but they're all different
tools.  That's an advantage, but also a weakness.  Having one huge file
that contained the setting for every tool I could see being rather
unwieldly.  Also, the idea is that you could have different options for
different behavior and you'd just select between them via command-line
options.  Putting all of that functionality into one super-file ...
well, I suppose it's possible, but I can't see it being a win.  I'm
not opposed to hearing about how we could do configuration better, and
I'll be the first one to admit it's not DOCUMENTED well, but I actually
thought the functionality was one of our better points.

>Also, as I said earlier, I have some specialized needs/tastes,
>in particular with regards to the display of header lines.
>However I have since realized that I actually misspoke... I
>*do not* want to see 100% of all headers.  In fact that is
>counterproductive.  I just need to be able to see the usual
>ones (From: To: Subject: Date: Message-ID:) and also the
>following ONLY:
>Received: --- NOTE!  Only the topmost one need be shown!

I think that should be pretty straightforward, with the exception we don't
have any internal tools to show just ONE Received: line.


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