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Re: [nmh-workers] post 1.71 ug: "long line"/single newline paragraphs

From: Ralph Corderoy
Subject: Re: [nmh-workers] post 1.71 ug: "long line"/single newline paragraphs
Date: Thu, 24 May 2018 14:56:32 +0100

Hi Tom,

> For the yahoo email client, no word wrapping is added to the received
> email, ie. there are no '\n's within the received paragraph (unlike
> gmail). Most importantly, for the yahoo client, each paragraph in the
> body of the original has to end in '\n\n\n' in order for there to be a
> single empty '\n' in between paragraphs in the received email. In the
> yahoo email client the email looks just fine visually with only '\n\n'
> as and ending to paragraphs, but then the received email does *not*
> end up having an empty line between paragraphs.

This looks like

I did get mhl(1) that's run by show(1) to use fmt(1).
Perhaps you can do that selectively on troublesome emails since repl(1) will 
use mhl too.

    $ cat mh-profile
    Path: mail
    context: context
    $ cat fmtspc
    #! /bin/sh

    sed 's/$/\n/' "$@" |
    fmt -su |
    cat -s
    $ MH=mh-profile show -form <(echo body:nocomponent,format) \
    >     -fmtproc $PWD/fmtspc 42
    conveyances Hood's palatable economically NP Arabist's railroader's
    Nair's influxes complexion recolonize speak prickliness loadstones
    relaunch's treachery's slowdown's bosh's Deccan countermoves arranger's
    vacuousness's wisteria's mesquite's hocked Petra's necrophilia LAST

    iPod's Poe's neurotic's imploded lance stepladder malignancies Poole
    monogamy's jeopardized immaculateness schoolwork's optometry's
    readability's Kayla buckshot's pickax's nasal's backcloth bleep
    reformative divisibility's merrymaker's Tbilisi proof's azures
    departmentalises waived Hellenism fabrication manning adjudication
    reproducer bullied marketer clayier eschewing GIF misinterpreting Sagan
    footlights fiords Feb's azimuth dingbat's conclaves shalt Iphigenia
    sterilises kickstand's Emily dishwasher syrupy loadstar's logrolling's
    cray jehads snowball's Barlow ichthyologist Nevada nonslip prorate
    farmyard begrudges fleeced Hondurans plunderers sparely self Lou wreaked
    Iago airgun angstrom recrystallizes dipsomania's engorges Dubcek's
    Yesenia departmentalized feebleness duckweed clamp's wretchedness basked
    tachograph vivarium photocell podded Tyler's paisley eventually rubbery
    affidavit Flatt quint's entrenched Galloway overoptimism punks LAST


Cheers, Ralph.

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