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[Nmh-workers] (possibly) Improving .SH NAME to improve apropos output

From: Larry Hynes
Subject: [Nmh-workers] (possibly) Improving .SH NAME to improve apropos output
Date: Mon, 20 Mar 2017 17:46:56 +0000

apropos nmh, for me, lists 20 pages:

fmtdump(8)               - decode nmh format files
install-mh(1)            - initialize the nmh environment
mh-alias(5)              - format of nmh alias files
mh-chart(7)              - Chart of nmh Commands
mh-draft(5)              - draft folder facility for nmh message system
mh-folders(5)            - specification of storage format used by nmh message 
mh-format(5)             - format file for nmh message system
mh-mail(5)               - message format for nmh message system
mh-mime(7)               - Overview of nmh (7) MIME message composition and 
mh-profile(5)            - user profile customization for nmh message handler
mh-sequence(5)           - sequence specification for nmh message system
mh-tailor(5), mts.conf(5) - mail transport configuration for nmh message handler
mhl(1)                   - produce formatted listings of nmh messages
mhparam(1)               - print nmh profile and context components
mhpath(1)                - print full pathnames of nmh messages and folders
msh(1)                   - nmh shell (and BBoard reader)
nmh(7)                   - new MH message system
packf(1)                 - pack messages in nmh folder into a single file
prompter(1)              - prompting editor front-end for nmh
rmf(1)                   - remove an nmh folder

A quick look at the first few man pages suggests that with a minimum
of effort we could improve nmh's apropos relevance, which I think
would be A Good Thing.

For instance:

ali \- list *nmh* mail aliases
anno \- annotate *nmh* messages
comp \- compose an *nmh* message
mark \- manipulate *nmh* message sequences

Is this just silly, or shall I proceed?

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