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[Nmh-workers] switching from thunderbird to nmh

From: Brenda J. Butler
Subject: [Nmh-workers] switching from thunderbird to nmh
Date: Fri, 20 Sep 2013 11:50:40 -0400
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I'd like to switch to using nmh for email handling.  I've been using 
thunderbird for the
last few years.

I understand the nmh mail format is a little different from mbox format or 
maildir format.
Is there any conversion utility out there?  I've searched but only found 
utilities for
people going the other way.

If someone has their own utility (or one-off script) for a similar task in sh, 
perl or python
I'm ok with adapting it for my situation.

Alternatively, a pointer to the documentation of what the nmh format actually 
is would
be helpful.  I haven't found a concise description yet.

I'm already somewhat familiar with mbox format.

Also, I need nmh to get email by imap.  How can I configure that?  Or am I 
supposed to use
fetchmail for that?

Thanks for your help.


}{ Centre for Research and Experimental Development in Informatics Libre

Brenda J. Butler
+1 613 693 0684  #3202
F3018 - 283 Alexandre Taché
Gatineau (QC) J9A 1L8 CANADA
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