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Re: [Nmh-workers] Revert utmpx change?

From: paul vixie
Subject: Re: [Nmh-workers] Revert utmpx change?
Date: Tue, 24 Apr 2012 16:42:17 +0000
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On 4/24/2012 2:13 PM, Ken Hornstein wrote:
> ... Googling "utmpx OpenBSD" ... yeah, okay, I guess I don't need to
> say anything more.
>> Reverting 7ba29497ff3f164e2a507eda35e81f1cb0658c74 lets nmh build again
>> on OpenBSD. Can this change be applied?
> I am reluctant to bring this code back, as it was messy.  But ... let me
> offer a compromise.  The code is only needed by rcvtty (will output a message
> to your terminal) and slocal (actually, looking at slocal ... that usage
> seems to be undocumented; anyone know what the deal is with that?).  I
> suspect you don't use those features.  Would you be happy with code that
> just disabled that support on OpenBSD?

strong +1. we should not provide workaround code for non-posix systems.
just disable the features that depend on missing posix features. this
means our worst case is: desupport a non-posix platform (for examples
see vax/vms, microsoft windows, or apparently now, openbsd.)
noncompatibility is not nmh's problem.

"But I'm not done complaining." --Dagon, 2012

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