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Re: [Nmh-workers] Patches for FreeBSD port of nmh-1.2

From: pmaydell
Subject: Re: [Nmh-workers] Patches for FreeBSD port of nmh-1.2
Date: Mon, 27 Feb 2006 16:34:51 +0000

Scott Blachowicz wrote:
>I've recently updated the "port" in the FreeBSD ports collection to
>nmh-1.2 and there were a couple of patches I needed to do in order to
>get it to build cleanly. I figured I would send them here to see if
>they're already dealt with in the source tree or if others have already
>seen them.

Yes, we found out just after releasing 1.2 that it didn't configure
properly on the BSDs. Fixes are in CVS; if you felt like confirming
that current head of CVS works on BSD that would be nice. I have
tested it but only as a check that it builds...

>etc/Makefile.in - use $(INSTALL_SCRIPT) to install the scripts instead
>    of $(INSTALL_PROGRAM) so it doesn't try to run 'strip' on the
>    installed scripts (which fails, btw).

...which would explain why I didn't notice this. However, I don't
understand why your suggested patch would make any difference.
According to the documentation of AC_PROG_INSTALL, configure should
set both INSTALL_SCRIPT and INSTALL_PROGRAM to the same thing
(ie /usr/bin/install or similar). Checking the configure script
itself confirms this. So it shouldn't be trying to run strip on
either the binaries or the scripts.

Indeed, testing on my Linux system, we run install (without any
'-s' argument) and it doesn't try to run strip on anything.

So I think this needs more investigation before we consider
applying that bit of the patch. (The other parts are already
covered by existing changes in CVS.)

-- PMM

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