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Re: [Nmh-workers] Question on compath() in sbr/path.c

From: mort
Subject: Re: [Nmh-workers] Question on compath() in sbr/path.c
Date: Mon, 31 Jan 2005 11:26:44 +0100

In message <address@hidden>, Scott Blachowicz writ
>>  > I guess that I don't understand your answer.  You seem to be looking at t
>> i think he's offering an analogy.
>An example, but more variations that necessary to illustrate the point :).
>>  > results of ls, not the results of changing directories.  Let's
>>  > say that I have two filesystems /a and /b.  There is a
>>  > directory /a/foo.  I cd to /b and do a "ls -s /a/foo ." If I
>>  > now do a cd /b/foo/.., I end up in /a, not /b.  This isn't
>>  > just a function of the shell, it's what chdir(2) does.  But,
>>  > the
>With that example and using my shell (usually zsh, but others do this too),
>the sequence of commands:
>       cd /b/foo
>       cd ..
>puts me in /b, NOT in /a.  That's because, as Paul mentions:

sh, csh and tcsh doesn't, at least not on Solaris.

On linux, where sh is a disguised bash, sh follows symlinks instead of
the physical path.

So, we tcsh users are used to one way, and bash/zsh/ksh users to
another. :-)


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