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[Nmh-workers] [n]mh & PEM (SMIME, x.509) certificates...

From: bergman
Subject: [Nmh-workers] [n]mh & PEM (SMIME, x.509) certificates...
Date: Thu, 15 Jan 2004 17:37:53 -0800

Has anyone had luck integrating [ex|n]mh and Privacy Enhanced Mail (aka SMIME, 
"*.p7m" files, x-pkcs7-mime)? I'm corresponding with several people who are 
having difficulting integrating PGP or GPG with Outlook 2003, and they'd prefer 
to use PEM. When I get mail that's been signed this way, it's identified as:

        smime.p7m       (application/x-pkcs7-mime)
        This is a application/x-pkcs7-mime
        It might be displayable with metamail.  (Invoke menu with right button.)
        smime-type = signed-data
        name = smime.p7m
        disposition = attachment
        filename = smime.p7m

within exmh. I can read the attachment--usually--but I don't have any tools to 
check the signature to manage signing or encrypting/decrypting mail myself.

Are there any tools that integrate with [ex|n]mh that will help manage this 
form of mail?

[Alternatively, if you've got a good recipie for helping someone use Outlook 
with GPG or PGP, can you please let me know?]



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