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[Nmh-commits] [SCM] The nmh Mail Handling System annotated tag, 1.6-bran

From: Ken Hornstein
Subject: [Nmh-commits] [SCM] The nmh Mail Handling System annotated tag, 1.6-branchpoint, created. 1.6-branchpoint
Date: Mon, 14 Apr 2014 16:21:50 +0000

This is an automated email from the git hooks/post-receive script. It was
generated because a ref change was pushed to the repository containing
the project "The nmh Mail Handling System".

The annotated tag, 1.6-branchpoint has been created
        at  bcd1fdc4e5735fed80cc34ede889c31ef00d1075 (tag)
   tagging  ebf6626e6c215d328e52ba052ef9b5f13cca99ee (commit)
  replaces  1.5-branchpoint
 tagged by  Ken Hornstein
        on  Mon Apr 14 12:20:39 2014 -0400

- Log -----------------------------------------------------------------
This tag marks the point where we started the branch for 1.6.

Alexander Zangerl (8):
      Use cat for moreproc in testsuite in case it is run without tty.
      Ensure that writes to /dev/tty succeed to determine if it is writeable.
      Corrected install-mh man page to show that it is installed in section 1, 
not 8.
      Changed remaining uses of MAXPATHLEN to PATH_MAX.
      Occasionally the post tests attempt to talk to fakesmtp before that
      The base64-decoder doesn't work on 64-bit big-endian architectures:
      whatnow cooks up strings for executing external commands, and then
      Went through the sources and checked where etcpath() is

Bill Wohler (1):
      The big news for this update is nmh 1.5.

David Levine (750):
      Added build_nmh to dist_contrib_DATA.
      Fixed to work with Solaris Bourne shell.
      Fixed test suite to work with Solaris Bourne shell:
      1) With SETGID_MAIL enabled (only with dot locking), if the chgrp of
      Unset all MH environment variables that aren't set below.
      Removed the mv of the file after running sed on it.
      Use case statement to check for proper result from "mhparam sbackup".
      Moved the set +e up to capture one more test in test-pick.  That
      Disable setgid of inc (SETGID_MAIL=1) when running distcheck.
      Allow a user to enable setgid of inc when running distcheck with:
      Removed documentation of obsolete WHATNOW configuration option and
      Moved nmh.spec to new SPECS directory.
      Added SPECS/build-nmh-cygwin.  This version isn't ready:  it's
      Replaced mh_profile man page hard link with new man/mh_profile.man.
      Customized generic SPECS/build-nmh-cygwin for nmh.
      Check for success of hard links of bin files.  If they fail, try sym
      Added check for EPERM when checking errno after a failed link(2).
      Remove any existing Local-Mailbox: profile component before adding one.
      Added note about test/inc/test-deb359167 failing because valgrind
      Default to fcntl locking for AIX, Cygwin, and Linux.  Without it
      Removed --enable-pop and SETGID_MAIL= from nmh.spec.
      Fixed some more problems caught by gcc -ansi -pedantic.
      Added $(TESTS_SHELL) at end of TESTS_ENVIRONMENT.  This lets the
      Added -ansi -pedantic with gcc.
      build-nmh-cygwin no longer needs to DISABLE_SETGID_MAIL now that configure
      Removed locking type selection from build_nmh now that it's in configure.
      Added MACHINES to EXTRA_DIST so that it gets put in the distribution.
      Fixed patch section of prep().
      Added test script constructs to avoid.
      Skip the Cygwin package (.bz2) file when searching for the input (.gz) 
      Wrap local part (username) of address with double quotes if needed.
      Don't test with sendmail because it would really send the mail.  If
      SIGNATURE/Local-Mailbox are not used by post, but just by front
      Allow selection of locking type.
      Used this version, renamed nmh-1.5-1.sh, in application for Cygwin 
      Changed wording to say that the last message selected (not necessarily
      comp and dist cannot take multiple message arguments.  mhbuild does
      Update the current folder and current message and synchronize
      Unset MM_CHARSET so it doesn't interfere with test-scan-multibyte.
      Changed exit status of each nmh command's -version and -help switches
      Removed the following environment variables, deprecated in nmh 1.5:
      Removed faceproc support, deprecated in nmh 1.5.
      Removed docs/pending-release-notes-tmp, which was added by mistake.
      Changed repl and dist default to -noatfile.
      Added INSTALL, NEWS, and README to dist_doc_DATA so that they get 
      Added warning to all nmh programs for multiple profile entries for the
      Moved nmh and mh-chart man pages from section 1 to section 7.
      Updates to SPECS/build-nmh-cygwin:
      Added section 7 to man pages.
      Replaced run-time detection of hard-link support with compile- time
      Can't use -ansi with gcc 4.5.3 on Cygwin, at least through setup
      Fixed the export of LC_ALL so that it work with old Bourne shell.
      Generate a From: header, using localmbox, if the user doesn't provide
      Added BUGS section to mh-tailor man file to note that failure to open
      Removed another faceproc relic.
      Removed unnecessary comment.
      Added mhmail.in. start of a replacement for compiled mhmail.
      Removed newline before generated From:.
      Added support to mhmail.in to read message from stdin.
      Support empty message body in mhmail.in the same way as in mhmail.
      Added etcdir and libdir.  And added mention that component name
      If post/send fail, save the draft in dead.letter, the same as
      If heirloom shell is in /usr/lib/heirloom/5bin/sh, use it to run tests.
      Documented mhparam -debug option.
      Add trailing newline to body, if needed.
      Fixed temporary autoconf workaround by hard-coding nmhbindir.
      Added nmh lib directory to PATH in setup_test ().  This is necessary
      Added mention of mhmail as a message composition utility.
      Reworked to be as compatible as possible with compiled mhmail.
      Replaced compiled mhmail with script that was formerly named mhmail.in.
      Removed extra [ from synopsis.
      Fixed warning introduced by last change to man/mhmail.man.
      Added -resent support to mhmail.  It doesn't work with -profile, though.
      Replaced mhmail -debug switch with -nosend, and added -send.
      Here's a better fix that e194fdf11df779597e19039a67454e9b42a77ef0
      mhmail now supports -profile -resend.
      Removed possible tmp file leak.
      Added Jerrad Pierce's suggestion to use -editor prompter.
      Added -header-field switch to mhmail.
      Added mention of checkbashims script to test/README.  And fixed
      Moved test-mhmail to its own test directory.
      Added -attach switch to mhmail.
      Forget to add test/mhmail/attachment.txt to last commit.
      Changed permissions from 0755 to 0644 on a few .c files.
      Refinement to e30560d793ff5bc704dadc2eab9d31100ad4636b:  don't
      Added a few clarifications and more DEFAULTS to mhmail(1) man page.
      Added printout to build_nmh to report number of tests not run.
      Added test-ali.
      Quoted a bunch of shell variables in build_nmh.
      For whatever reason, gcov got fooled by test-whom until a test of
      Truncated -help test in test-whom because its output depends on whether
      Refined 48959daf724bb10802ca489654035f69e701efc0 by setting up a
      Changed -header-field to -headerfield.  And refer to its argument
      Added checks for missing mandatory arguments to mhmail.
      Allow optional -to in front of To: addresses with mhmail.
      Added status to conflict(8) man page to note that it is deprecated.
      Added test-sortm.  Also clarified some details in the sortm man page.
      Removed unused UUCPDIR and UUCPFIL #defines.
      Deprecated mhtest.
      Fixed ismymbox() to look at Local-Mailbox as well as
      Simplified getm() a bit, removing a goto.
      Removed the one remaining unused #ifdef ISI.
      Removed BUGS section at end of rcvstore(1) man page.  It
      Replaced utilities that operate on pbm files with those that operate
      Wrapped some shell variables with quotes so the tests have a chance of
      Updated man page descriptions of Msg-Protect:  it defaults to 0600 and
      Removed unused #ifdef NRTC and reference to its contents in the
      Added note that mhmail does not read context file itself.
      Applied patch #5571, Propagate Mail-Followup-To.
      Added test-dp, test-fmtdump, test-prompter, test-rcvstore,
      Rather than fix the reported bug, backslash in commented lines
      Updated pending-release-notes.
      Filtered out "From " lines when comparing mboxes because their
      test-prompter:  removed an unused input that was piped to the
      Added test-packf.
      spost(8) has been merged into post(8).  Its functionality is
      Renamed "sendmail" mts method to "sendmail/smtp", allowing "sendmail"
      Removed use of the ONEX sendmail verb.  It is obsolete,
      Correction to previous commit, 704bdde497da69854846d51d86c440fc980c5489,
      Removed -m from sendmail invocation with sendmail/pipe.  Modern
      Added -mts switch to post, send, and whom.  Replaced test-sendmail-pipe
      Removed debugging statement and added comments to the duplicate check
      Removed #ifndef RAND/#endif that no longer had any effect.
      If post or send fail, exit with their exit status.
      Added check to notpost for presence of Resent-From:.
      Here's a better test of Resent-From: in test-rcvdist:  use the user's
      Added -messageid switch to send(1) and post(8).  This allows selection
      With -messageid random, make the part after the @ more resemble a
      Tidied up for loop in message_id().
      Added test of whatnow with SHELL unset to test-ls, though it doesn't
      Reworked test-rcvdist so that it sees the output of post.
      Fixed explanation of why the unset SHELL test is uselessif /bin/sh is 
      Removed nmh-from condition from rcvdistcomps.
      Added default_content_type argument to
      Added mhbuild: -nocontentid to profile used for tests, to simplify
      Cleaned up test-utf8-body a bit.
      Removed chmod of bccfil from make_bcc_file().  It was done before
      Cleaned up message_id().
      Added references to the whatnow(1) man page description of its
      Updated docs/README-ATTACHMENTS, mainly to reflect that no setup is
      Added check in send(1) of attach (default Nmh-Attachment) headers to
      Filter out all Nmh-* headers in post(1).  Do that silently for empty
      Allow whatnow to accept "l" as an abbreviation for "list", instead of
      Changed ; to && in shell command, per Ralph's suggestion.  There
      Added -clobber switch to mhstore(1) [Bug #11160].
      Clarified description of clobber -auto/-suffix per Ralph's suggestion.
      Fixed description of n with mhstore -clobber auto/suffix.
      Added "-d --" to invocation of ls when figuring out what files
      With mhstore -clobber auto/suffix, when looking for a new filename,
      For the mhstore -clobber test, cd to the Mail subdirectory so that
      Removed mhmail.c because it was no longer needed and could get in
      Replaced spost with script that exec's post -mts sendmail/pipe.
      Disabled echo of rm -f lines in Makefile to quiet builds and
      When determining the path of the script inside mhmail, handle case
      Removed double quotes around case arguments in test scripts.
      Updates to test/common.sh.in:
      Changed nmh-fcc to fcc.  See etc/forwcomps.  Another catch by the
      Added test-anno, test-dist, test-msgchk, and test-rcvtty.
      Added newline to "send" that's piped to dist.  Old 2.6 Linux
      Fixed typo in mh-alias man page.
      Added -noall/-all switches to sortm(1).
      Fixed sortm(1) verbose message and man page to reflect that with
      Removed potential buffer overflow in ali.c by replacing array of
      Don't allow blind aliases with sendmail/pipe mts.  Before this change,
      Changed error message to say that blind lists aren't
      The first alias contained in a blind list is now expanded.  The
      Removed unused function seek_home().
      Updated sendfiles(1) man page to reflect upcoming code update.
      Cleaned up some printf's.
      Unset PAGER in test/common.sh so that make distcheck passes.
      Cleaned up uip/mhmail.  Added chmod +x of spost in configure.ac.
      Fixed the trap in mhmail.
      Fixed printf's in test suite.
      Fixed the trap to work with posh.
      Cleaned up a couple of shell variables.
      Updated sendfiles(1):
      Corrected date in sendfiles.man
      Cyrus SASL 2.1.25 introduced the sasl_callback_ft prototype,
      Fixed typo in Cygwin section of MACHINES.
      Added -check/-nocheck switches to sortm(1).  Also removed obsolete
      In test-post-common.sh and test-mhmail, wait for fakesmtp to start
      Fixed typo reported by Ralph.
      Updated build-nmh-cygwin for release of Cygwin nmh 1.5-2.  To use:
      Updated date on sortm(1) man page.
      Added argument to fmt_scan() to specify the buffer size.
      Added description of "all" range abbreviation.
      Fixed comparison to be signed instead of unsigned.
      Added format support for zputlit function escape.  It requires
      Added application/vnd.openxmlformats-officedocument.spreadsheetml.sheet
      Fixed typo in mh-format man page description of zputlit.
      Fixed typo in mhn.man.
      Removed note from BUGS section of several man pages saying
      In scan.highlighted, set black background on the colorized lines
      Refer to just "root" in slocal man page.
      Updated test-scan to correspond to commit
      Updated scan.highlighted to feed an expression to %(zputlit).
      1) Don't bother checking stderr output from sendfiles because tar's
      Removed support for zip from sendfiles.  I added it as part of the
      Removed leading space from lines in mhbuild and rmm man pages
      Fixed a couple of signed-unsigned comparisons.
      Added Message-Id to messages in test suite.
      slocal used to support two different formats for three of
      Added test-slocal.
      Fixed pick(1) to properly unfold multiple-line header fields
      In pick(1), attempt to decode each header field as if it were
      In pick(1), attempt to decode each header field as if it were
      Fixed formatting glitch in msh.man.
      Copied atexit() code from fakesmtp.c to fakepop.c so that its
      Updated the TODO file.
      Cleaned up sendfiles(1) man page just a bit.
      Fix to 25581a94c5113eb78b2baf7110408df96efc4418: always set $editalt,
      Note in dist, mh-profile, and repl man pages that the @ link
      Added test of -nosequence to test-pick.
      Added release notes for releases 1.4 and 1.3 to tail of NEWS.
      Removed some dead code, all inside #if 0's.  I tried to not remove
      Removed a few #ifndef JLR/#endif pairs because they're not needed.
      Added m_getfld () interface description.
      Changed type of name argument to m_getfld() from unsigned char *
      Changed msg_style and msg_delim to be file static to m_getfld.c
      Changed bufsz argument of m_getfld() to be in-out instead of in.
      Updated m_getfld() interface description.
      Fixed formatting of last change to scansbr.c.
      Replaced all the stdio buffer access in m_getfld.c with a single call
      Removed call to fpurge() and its platform-specific emulations
      Restored an explicit refill of the buffer in m_getfld() that I
      Fixed test-slocal to work with mmdfldir set to /dev/null, and on
      Added note about PATH when running "make check" on Cygwin.
      Tweaked last commit to test/common.sh.in to eliminate a mv.
      Replace use of ftell() in mhparse.c:get_content() by keeping track
      Corrected fseek() emulation to fix test/bad-input/test-header.
      Remove test .netrc file at the end of test-pop.
      Fixed decoding of header fields when they contain a character that
      Removed empty file name .null from the historical mh-6.8.5 tree.
      In cpstripped() and cptrimmed(), if a multibyte character is
      Removed discard() call in post(8).  It was only used with -debug
      Block SIGPIPE before killing the child in sm_end().  This replaces
      Added reference to RFC-1864 to mhbuild man page.
      Expanded warning message for invalid Content-Transfer-Encoding.
      Fixed test-utf8-body to actually contain the UTF-8 character
      Removed support for #ifdef LBL.  It was broken anyways,
      When read_more() loads more bytes, save some from the end of the
      Added comments to and started cleaning up m_getfld.c.
      Added explicit third initializer to some swit struct values
      Started revising m_getfld() code to replace direct buffer
      Very minor cleanup to m_getfld() to remove an increment of j.
      Fixed addition to test-inc-scanout in
      Cleaned up FLDPLUS handling in m_getfld().  As part of this,
      Removed "sleazy hack" of negative bufsz because commit
      Added check of m_getfld() handling of fields with trailing
      Removed unused local char_read from forwsbr.c.
      Added bytes_read to m_getfld() buffer state.  This is the
      Added support for m_getfld() callers interleaving fseek() calls
      Cleaned up a bit.
      Moved test of empty header field from
      m_getfld() now supports interleaving calls with
      In m_getfld(), fixed the loop that handles the FLDPLUS case.
      Cleaned up m_getfld's read_more().
      Renamed a couple of m_getfld auxiliary functions.
      In build_nmh, removed configuration of pager and editor.
      Check that a character array isn't empty before looking for its
      Removed the for-loop that was used to get a header field
      Added check of a header with name that's 998 bytes long to
      Cleaned up m_getfld() code a bit.  The most notable change
      Added check of header field body with more than 511
      More cleanup of m_getfld(), changed some variable names.
      Added test-msg-buffer-boundaries.
      Minimized message files reads in m_getfld() when the caller
      Removed all traces of m_getfld() FLDEOF and BODYEOF states.
      Fixed test-header to work on Cygwin, which has a BUFSIZ of
      Added check of -pack to test-pop.
      Moved all file static data in m_getfld.c into the
      Added a FILE * to the m_getfld_state struct so that most
      Updated test-inc-scanout on master to match version of
      Added scan and inc from mbox with multiple messages.
      Removed the static m_getfld() state instance and replaced
      Replaced hard-coded value with MAX_DELIMITER_SIZE in m_getfld.c.
      Plugged small memory leak in m_unknown().
      Reworked enter_getfld() and Peek().
      Removed unnecessary m_getfld_state_destroy() from scan.c.
      Changed m_getfld() to automatically allocate a new state
      Brought over changes to test-pop from m_getfld branch.
      Added test-msg-buffer-boundaries.
      Added scan and inc from mbox with multiple messages.
      Brought over changes to test-pop from master to m_getfld branch.
      Added functions for inc, msh, rcvtty, and scan to access
      Reworked the new documentation in m_getfld.c.
      Enabled colorized test output (PASS/FAIL/summary) by default
      In build_nmh's output from the test suite:  retain
      Deprecated msh(1).
      Fixed a couple of calls to m_getfld():  they were in while loops
      Changed sortm warning message from an amonish() to and advise(),
      In the sortm warning message, say "file modification time"
      Merge branch 'm_getfld'
      Added scan_reset_m_getfld_state(), for msh only.  It needs to
      Added m_getfld_track_filepos() for callers to indicate that they
      Changed m_getfld() buffer size to 4096 from 8192, to benefit
      Redirected stderr to /dev/null in the test for presence of
      Removed sizes from mhlist output.  Apparently tar files are
      it looks like the write to /dev/tty is causing the warning from
      Removed an used sed invocation from test-mhmail.  I don't
      More homing in on the test-pick warning.  Also, removed
      Added exit to test-ali, temporarily, to isolate failure on
      OK, test-pick should be good on Solaris now.
      More probing of test-ali on Solaris:  exit before the
      Restored test-ali to its prior condition.  It failed on the
      Added diagnostic to setup_test() to try to figure out
      It looks like the first test fails on Solaris because it
      In setup_test(), create the Mail directory if it doesn't
      Temporarily added ls of folder to setup_test().
      Suppressed display of info message when test-eom-align isn't
      So folder does exist the first time through setup_test().
      Maybe the PATH needs to be exported again in setup_test()?
      Try full path to folder in setup_test().
      Removed the ls of folder from setup_test().
      More setup_test() and test-ali attempts on Solaris.
      Use test -t 1 instead of test -w in test-pick.
      More test-ali diagnostics for Solaris.
      Maybe the mkdir in setup_test() needs a -p?
      Added set -x to test-ali.
      In setup_test(), set PATH after install.
      Added temporary probe to test-mhmail.
      Modified test-mhmail probe.
      More test-mhmail probing.
      Try this test-mhmail probe.
      More test-mhmail probing.
      Set MHTMPDIR to try to keep all test-related files together.
      Added trailing newline to sed input in mhmail when processing
      Removed unused vec[0] relic from before argsplit conversion.
      Added l modifier to X printf conversions of wchar_t's.
      The Solaris compiler was right about unreachable statements.
      Suppress warning from test-manpages that groff can't break a line if
      Removed myuid and mygid variables, they're no longer used and
      Removed unlink of "core" from signal handler of mhlist, mhn,
      Added support for "-" to indicate stdout to output_message().
      Tweaked logic in brkstring.c and showfile.c to get rid of the
      Changed m_getfld() to use char instead of unsigned char.
      Changed m_getfld() to use char instead of unsigned char.
      output_content() assumed that ci->ci_values[0] was the boundary,
      Added global variable skip_mp_cte_check to turn off that check
      When debugging is enabled, replace the ctype functions with
      Added etc/rmmproc.messageid, which shows how to try to move
      Multipart parts might have content before the first subpart
      Fixed typo in mhlist man page.  Also removed sendfiles(1)
      Added support for multiple message/file arguments to
      Added a couple of global variables to mhparse.c to allow
      In InitMultiPart(), always set bogus_mp_content if boundaries
      Plugged small memory leak in etcpath().
      Added mention of rcvstore(1) to inc(1) man page.
      When output_content() outputs a non-MIME message with no body,
      "RFC-2045 to RFC-2049" instead of "thru".
      Added locking discussion to rcvstore(1) man page.
      Removed addition of whomproc to the vec array in whomfile()
      In m_getfld.c, cast the returns of valid characters to
      Fixed write8Bit() to use fread()/fwrite() instead of
      Added const qualifier to char * arguments of add(), addlist(),
      Added find_str() and rfind_str() to sbr/utils.c
      Added const qualifier to arguments of concat() and copy().
      Added cpytrim() function.  Unlike trimcpy(), it does not modify
      Added nmh_strcasestr() because POSIX doesn't have strcasestr().
      Added a handful of functions to the parser to allow access to
      Added tolower(), toupper(), and toascii() to
      Reworked internals of MIME parser's reverse_parts() and made it
      Fixed typo in rmmproc.messageid.
      Added beginnings of storage format spec to new mh-folders.man.
      Added a bit more on sequences to mh-folders.man.
      Added lockmethod pseudocomponent to mhparam so that users
      In the locking discussion of mh-folders(5), discourage direct
      Fixed spelling of "preserve" in refile man page.
      Ignore the sign mismatch warning when sbr/dtimep.c is built with
      Added check that writesomecmd() isn't at the end of argp before
      Changed detection of warning in build_nmh for sign mismatch
      Changed loop in dumpwidth() to go from [0, 0xffff) because
      Added -[no]retainsequences switches to refile(1).
      Changed c_cefile member of struct Content from pointer to
      Corrected comment describing copy_seqs().
      Fixed typo in fmmtest man page.
      Added mhfixmsg(1).
      Removed color-tests from AM_INIT_AUTOMAKE because the build
      Fixed procmail example in mhfixmsg man page.
      Fixed use of WIFEXITED in mhfixmsg.c.
      Added -[no]rmmproc switches to rmm and mhfixmsg.
      Added -[no]rmmproc switches to rmm and mhfixmsg.
      Fixed typo in rmf man page.
      Removed hard-coded locking selection from SPECS/nmh.spec.
      Added support for Content-Disposition header (RFC 2183) to
      Replaced reference to mktemp(3) with mkstemp(3) in
      Fixes from M. Levinson:
      Always update sequences and context in mhfixmsg, not just when
      Started replacing uses of mh_strcasecmp() with strcasecmp().
      More replacements of mh_strcasecmp() with strcasecmp().
      More replacements of mh_strcasecmp() with strcasecmp().
      More replacements of mh_strcasecmp() with strcasecmp().
      More replacements of mh_strcasecmp() with strcasecmp().
      More replacements of mh_strcasecmp() with strcasecmp().
      Finished replacing mh_strcasecmp() with strcasecmp().  Removed
      Reworded description of "mark -seq foo delete all" example
      A bug fix and an enhancement to mhfixmsg based on patches
      Moved #include <assert.h> to h/nmh.h.
      Removed limit on maximum number of sequences in a folder.
      Moved #include <sys/wait.h> to h/nmh.h.
      Added const to SSL_METHOD *.
      Look at post instead of inc to determine build options in build_nmh.
      Cast away constness of SSL_CTX_new() arg because that's
      Added port number to "Connecting to" message with -snoop.
      Be sure that mhfixmsg returns a status of non-zero if
      Added vpick to dist_contib_DATA so it gets distributed.
      Fixed typo in several man pages.
      A "credentials" mh-profile entry has been added.  This allows
      Removed #include of sys/wait.h from sbr/pidstatus.c.  I missed
      Moved #include of errno.h to h/nmh.h.
      Moved #include of signal.h to h/signals.h.  And it was already
      Fixed problem in m_getfld() reported by Paul Fox.  When
      Added date to test message with two blank lines between header
      Plugged memory leak in m_unknown().
      Fixed permissions of maildelivery file in test-slocal to fix
      Added mention to mhlist(1) man page, in response to question
      Refined commit 9b70e8396d50989db2177547515594bc15ee8b17 to allow
      Added const to argument of getcpy().
      Added const to argument of getname().
      Added const to arguments of mf functions.
      Fixed small formatting glitch in repl man page.
      Added quoting of local part of invalid address in message being
      Replaced calls to static getcpy() in mf.c with calls to strdup()
      Completed commit 52a236230220232fd632b5aa88eb9bb31dba346e so
      Added support for 'ignore space' argument to check() function
      Allow mhfixmsg -reformat to succeed even when decode of binary
      Removed #include of sys/param.h from sbr/makedir.c.  It's
      Refined error message from check() shell function of test suite.
      Added -outfile switch to mhstore(1).
      Allow -clobber with mhstore -outfile.
      Tweaked check of -outfile in test-mhstore.
      Fix to commit af429a902add614e35cd76d15172a4ccb70a3be1 to
      Redirect some outputs in the test suite to standard error.
      Removed some #includes of unistd.h and stdio.h because they're
      Removed some #includes of stdio.h, ctype.h, stdlib.h, and
      Applied what was done to uip/send.c in commit
      Removed remaining #includes of stdio.h and stdlib.h because
      Set the return status from the check() function of the test
      Fixed problem with m_getfld() with long headers reported by
      Fixed failure reported by Valdis of post to retrieve login and
      Replaced raw hack to add the credentials profile entry in post.c
      Removed unused declaration of "nolist" from mhshow.c.
      When the mhfixmsg -decodetext switch is enabled, each carriage
      Replaced hard-coded "more" with DEFAULT_PAGER in show_text().
      Per Ralph's suggestion, added note that "moreproc" is not
      Fixed number of bytes to fread() in strip_crs() in mhfixmsg.
      Fixed strip_crs() in mhfixmsg to work even if it's the
      Added note to pending-release-notes that "*" address-group is
      Changed a couple of occurrences of "white-space" to "whitespace"
      Changed "separated by spaces" in mh-sequence man page to
      Changed all bare occurrences of 822/2822 to RFC 822/RFC 2822.
      Removed hyphen from all occurrences of RFC-*.
      Added debug printouts to see why the test fails on Solaris 11.
      That didn't work, fixed location of mhn.defaults in test.
      Remove any <> surrounding localmbox in test-dist and test-rcvdist,
      Fixed removal of <> in test-dist and test-rcvdist.
      More debugging of test-mhfixmsg on Solaris.
      Removed exit() after a longjmp() in uip/sendsbr.c to quiet
      Added to the Solaris debug printout.
      OK, fixed test-mhfixmsg on Solaris 11, where BUFSIZ is 1024.
      See if the rest of test-mhfixmsg will pass on Solaris.
      Merge branch 'master' of git.sv.nongnu.org:/srv/git/nmh
      Restored test-mhfixmsg.  Not sure what to do about failure on Solaris.
      Changed formatting of the input in test-mhfixmsg that breaks
      One more formatting chagned to the input in test-mhfixmsg.  One of
      Try this formatting change to test-mhfixmsg.
      Punted on comparing that html part in test-mhfixmsg:  it
      In test-mhfixmsg, run output through uniq before head instead of after.
      Added unsigned char cast of char argument to isascii() call.
      Added -replacetextplain switch to mhfixmsg.  If enabled, -reformat
      Run output of -replacetextplain test through uniq.
      Don't check -replacetextplain in test-mhfixmsg if skipping -reformat
      Added script name to test-mhfixmsg printout.
      The Content-Disposition type needs to be "inline" for MS Outlook and
      Added docs/README-iCalendar.
      Allow mhfixmsg to strip carriage returns from ISO-8850, UTF-8,
      Added volatile qualifier in a couple of places to get rid of
      Added hack to configure.ac to work around bug in flex 2.5.36 and
      Reverted commit 9caa7da143644ed93c6ba6351f48fa1327ad4392
      Added back an enhanced hack to configure.ac to try to diagnose
      More probing: added flex -V.
      OK, Solaris on the buildbot uses flex 2.5.35.
      More probing:  print out sbr/dtimep.c.
      See if this cleans up the Solaris build on the buildbot.
      Ooops, fixed typo in configure.ac.
      Success!  Clean build on the buildbot Solaris11 host.
      Interpret a full path argument to mhfixmsg as a filename, not
      Cleaned up the "stripped CRs" mhfixmsg verbose message.
      Removed spurious space before a period in rcvpack man page.
      Temporarily added a few hacks to diagnose problems found by buildbot.
      Undid temporary hacks, it looks like the buildbot is down.
      Added comment about not supporting trailing semicolons
      Added identifier to each check in test-mhlist to help diagnose
      Use ICONV_CONST in declaration of variable that's passed to
      Fixed m_getfld() bug introduced in commit
      The buildbot is up, put in hacks to enable debug and print out hostname.
      Added temporary diagnostic hack to test-mhmail.
      Fixed test-mhmail failure on Solaris:  its tail doesn't suport -n.
      Removed temporary hack to enable debug from configure.ac.
      Removed temporary hack.
      Really fixed mhmail.
      In test-mhfixmsg, make sure that $HOME is writeable, in case
      Fix to commit 7e40862e6a4da7810a46aa1e28b05e527fdc208a:
      Better fix than commit 605d80e7cf0d02d4bab9387f03b4e1d43177e33e
      Clean up mhbuild backup files left by test-header-encode.
      The linker on FreeBSD 10 doesn't like -ansi.  So added a
      That didn't work, try adding -pedantic-errors.
      That didn't work, either.  Restoring configure.ac.
      Renamed test/getfqdn to test/getcanon.
      Merge branch 'master' of git.sv.nongnu.org:/srv/git/nmh
      Skip inc/test-deb359167 on FreeBSD >= 10 because its valgrind
      Removed bash-isms from inc/test-deb359167.
      Disable clang complaint about unused -ansi when linking by
      Replaced hard-coded use of "," with `mhparam sbackup` in
      Added notes to README.developers about write access to
      Fixed test-mhfixmsg to work with elinks, which inserted leading
      Fixed squeeze_lines() test function to be compatible with POSIX awk.
      That didn't work, so try this awk command from Robert Elz.
      Added -eval 'set document.browse.margin_width = 0' to elinks
      Try this sed command for squeeze_lines().
      With the fix of 4929cad323afc87404752a1e88664a7f42cbb737,
      Added temporary diagnostic to see what version of gcc is
      Removed temporary diagnostic to determine gcc version on Solaris
      Removed dependence of build_nmh on ldd by adding sasl and tls
      Commit 9c663383ab54e0290781ac1c25d790ce03160e08 introduced
      Temporarily favor cc over gcc to try it out on Solaris.
      Removed temporary favor of cc over gcc.
      Added temporary probe to find cc on Solaris.
      Use SolarisStudio cc if available.
      That didn't work.  Set PATH to pick up SunStudio cc.
      Of course that didn't work.  Try specifying the SunStudio
      That worked.  Now try +w2 with SunStudio cc.
      Removed +w from SunStudio cc, it caused compilation failure.
      Try -v with SunStudio cc.  Also, try setting CC instead of modifying
      Need full path to cc on Solaris buildbot host, at this point.
      Removed a bunch of unreachable break statements found by
      Added -errtags=yes to SunStudio cc options.
      Suppress E_STATEMENT_NOT_REACHED warning from SunStudio cc.
      OK, use SunStudio cc, if present, on Solaris if user didn't set CC.
      Oops, that didn't work.  Disable -v with SunStudio cc for now.
      OK, this should work to detect Sun Studio cc.
      Temporarily add some printouts to configure.ac to see why -v
      Undid last commit of temporary printouts because buildbot is down.
      Try 9efa994ecac2790dbc56113f78c464eed1371590 again.
      Sun Studio cc -V must output to stderr.
      It looks like the sed "a" in test-anno didn't emit a trailing
      Removed --posix from awk invocation in test-anno.
      Squelch warning from cc on OpenBSD that fd argument of usr_pipe() in
      Initialize local child_id in main() of whom.c to squelch warning
      Tweaked rcvtty.c to squelch warnings on OpenBSD.  Three of the
      Moved all LDFLAGS manipulations in configure.ac to one place.
      Minor changes to configure.ac:
      Disable assertions by default.
      Try using -man instead of -mandoc in test-manpages on OpenBSD
      groff -man silence the test-manpages warnings.  One more try: -Wel.
      Generalized -Wel fix in test-manpages of commit
      Moved the set -x after the uname and string test in autogen.sh
      Added mention of filename completion at whatnow prompt if nmh
      Filter out "often/almost always misused" warnings from OpenBSD linker.
      That didn't quite work, try reducing size of warning filter
      The build failed mysteriously on the OpenBSD buildbot host ("Provide
      The buildbot was reporting "warning" on stdin, not stderr.
      Added POSTLINK to remainder of executables in Makefile.am.
      Cleaned up setting of CFLAGS in configure.ac.
      Increased size of file command buffer in 
      Added temporary probes to see what file --mime and file -i do on
      Removed temporary probes added in commit
      Updated date on a few man pages.
      With whatnow attach, determine the content MIME type that's inserted
      Whooops, gcc on OpenBSD noticed a nasty in the last commit.
      Added debuging printouts.
      More debugging statements for OpenBSD.
      Removed temporary printouts.
      Removed support for file -i, it just spits out "regular file"
      file --mime on OpenBSD returns strings such as "text/plain
      In test-mhmail, insert semicolon in output of "file --mime" if needed.
      Use --brief option, if supported, with file --mime.
      Removed flex fixup for version 2.5.37, it's not necessary with
      Added "true" to end of flex fixups in configure.ac, in case the
      Have configure print out what it detects for the program to detect
      Added support for running the test suite with valgrind by setting
      Null-terminate buffer in mbx_copy() in dropsbr.c.  Noticed by
      Fixed chmod of temp file in prompter.  Noticed by valgrind.
      Removed one run_prog from test-pick because it loses the setting
      Added test/valgrind.supp to EXTRA_DIST in Makefile.am so that
      Generalized the valgrind suppression for sendmsg via readLine.
      Try including termcap.h before curses.h to see if that solves
      Changed several globals to be static, to avoid collision,
      That didn't work.  Try including termcap.h first, instead of
      Give up on fmt_compile.c for now.
      In whatnow help, don't show that detached can be abbreviated
      Moved the functions that implement whatnow attach from
      Got rid of a couple of globals used by attach get_line().
      Removed remaining globals in uip/attach.c.
      Fixed description of send -attach switch in whatnow:  its argument
      Removed remaining run_prog's from tests that set an
      Here's a better fix for the whatnow tests:  set and export
      Replaced hidden make_mime_composition_file_entry() used by attach()
      Clarified advisory message it test-mhfixmsg if a text browser
      Added sbr/dtimep.c to CLEANFILES so that make distcheck passes on
      In test-curses, use termcap codes if terminfo capabilities
      Added -Txterm-color to tput invocations that didn't have it.
      Fixed typo in last commit of test-curses.
      Detect whether or not to use -n with tail in build_nmh.
      Replace use of awk with sed in test-anno because it failed
      Hard-code the config/version.c target, instead of using $@, so its
      OpenBSD 5 needs an other-libraries (fourth argument) to the
      Added -Wno-unused-result to silence warnings on Ubuntu.
      No longer add -g or -s to LDFLAGS.  autoconf handles -g.  And "make
      Reworked LFLAGS hack for flex 2.5.35 and 2.5.36 to work on
      Only add -Qunused-arguments to LDFLAGS if compiler is clang.
      Fixed POSTLINK (on OpenBSD) now that it doesn't use -Qunused-arguments.
      Reorganized autoconf test for -Qunused-warnings so that it
      Changed how build_nmh deals with older mhparam that doesn't
      Reworked attach to add charset to Content-Type string for
      Work around OpenBSD 5.4 file(1), which reports the --mime-encoding
      Added more .exe files to .gitignore.
      Updated Cygwin and Linux build notes.
      Calculate port numbers in test suite based on uid so that different
      Refined the autoconf test for -Wno-unused-result so that
      Refined the POSTLINK used on OpenBSD so that it leaves the warnings,
      Added -v and -a switches to whatnow attach so the user can see
      Fixed test-attach-detach to work with any umask, and without readline.
      One final fix to test-attach-detach.
      Really fix mode of file that's used in test-attach-detach.
      Final fix to test-attach-detach:  on some platforms, there's no
      Hacked test-attach-detach to pass on Solaris.
      Fixed build on Solaris by only checking for -Wno-unused-result with gcc.
      Better fix for test-attach-detach on platforms without readline.
      In cpstripped(), check for negative return value from wcwidth().
      Skip the last check that I added to test-scan-multibyte if we don't
      Modified last check added to test-scan-multibyte so that it
      Removed the tests of attach -v -a from test-attach-detach, and
      Added check to get_file_info() in attach.c for failed fgets() call.
      Moved readconfig() of mhn.defaults into construct_build_directive().
      Moved readline check to after termcap/curses check in configure.ac.
      Removed -a option from whatnow attach, in anticipation of
      Updated MACHINES to show package requirements on Linux and Cygwin.
      Removed "tmp" from the uip/mh* programs, so that they no longer
      Fixed three LC_ALL settings:
      Use LC_ALL instead of LC_CTYPE in test-pick because LC_ALL has
      Expanded mhpath(1) man page discussion of its handling of out-of-range
      Removed remaining occurrences of char *tmp from uip/mh* programs.
      Replaced use of m_mktemp() with m_mktemp2() so that tmp files created
      Enable asserts when debug is enabled, in build_nmh.
      Expose get_temp_dir().
      Always check that mktemp()/mktemp2() succeeds before trying to
      Added svector_find() function.
      Separate export from assignment in test-dist and test-attach.
      Replaced use of mkstemp() with m_mktemp2() in header_fd() of
      Replaced use of mkstemp() with m_mktemp() in lock_file.c.
      Removed 3 renames of temporary files in mhparse.c.  They added
      Replaced boilerplate at beginning of each nmh program with new
      Restored the unlinks of temporary files immediately after their
      Replaced nearly all unlink(3) calls with m_unlink().
      Added unregister_for_removal(0) calls to the couple of children
      Merge branch 'tmpfiles'
      Merge branch 'tmpfiles'
      No longer look at TMP environment variable for temporary file storage.
      WhatNow needs to set invo_name so that switches are interpreted properly.
      mhl() needs to set invo_name, too.
      Unset LANG, LC_ALL, and LC_TYPE in common.sh so that the tests
      Look for w3m if lynx isn't available for mhshow-show-text.
      Added note that suffixes were removed from filenames of temporary files.
      Look for w3m if lynx isn't available for mhshow-show-text.
      Added note that suffixes were removed from filenames of temporary files.
      Fixed test-mhfixmsg check attempted -decode of binary text to
      Removed set +e where not needed in test-mhfixmsg.
      Added m_mktemps(), which creates a temporary file with a specified
      Removed all unnecessary setuid/setgid calls.  Using setuid as an
      Removed some unused code that forked /bin/mkdir to make a new
      Restored setuid/setgid to slocal:  it needs them when run as root,
      netbsd uses flock by default for mail spool locking, as reported
      Use rename(2), not link(2), in m_mktemps() if mkstemps() is not
      Reordered a bit of code in signal handler.  Noted in comment that
      Moved upcase(), update_attr(), content_charset(), and
      Changed "codeset" to "charset" for (and in) mhfixmsg.  Also
      Remove mhbuild backup files at end of a couple of tests, if successful.
      In test-mhfixmsg, look at configuration to see if iconv is enabled
      Use $MH shortcut for the profile in a few of the tests.
      Added -[no]textcharset switches to mhshow(1).  These only apply if
      Removed potential buffer overflow from ruserpass().  It had been
      Need to set locale to something other than UTF-8 on Cygwin for
      Use test_skip in test-textcharset if not built with iconv.
      Removed the -[no]textcharset switches that were added to mhshow(1)
      Added associations to mhn.defaults.sh from
      Instead of printing PostScript attachments, by default, from mhshow,
      Factored out duplicate code into parse_display_string() function.
      Added support for %{charset} display string escape to mhshow(1).
      Removed remaining TMP relics missed with commit
      Added MH libdir to PATH in test-textcharset because it uses ap.
      Silenced warnings when built without iconv.
      Removed leading "exec " inserted in show_content_aux2(), which
      Removed redundant quoting of %f and %F in display strings.  Now,
      Migrated show_content_aux2() to argsplit().
      Refined commit ed3214f1518b36c8b96a1a17be4af0a708ea25e3 to only
      Added reason to mhfixmsg's printout when it fails to decode binary
      Generalized %{charset} display string escape to any Content-Type
      Fix to commit ed3214f1518b36c8b96a1a17be4af0a708ea25e3
      Cast argument to isspace() to unsigned char instead of int.
      Added mh-folders to nmh(7) man page.  Split out Formats section of
      Fixed m_getfld() to not return EOF indicator, so that files need
      Updated mhparam, man pages, and test-mhparam to reflect split
      Fixed quoting of filename, expanded C-T parameter values, etc.,
      Updated MACHINES and SPECS/nmh.spec to reflect packages
      Removed a couple of unnecessary vector typedefs from h/mh.h.
      Moved discussion when no messages are matched from BUGS section
      Fix to commit a2806483a53fcdb62ca8e2bec4f4e023355f4470
      mhstore(1) now obeys its -noverbose switch.
      Added description of switches.
      Removed recommendation from mhstore man page that users not put
      Added commented explaining use of ci_attrs[0] in
      Added check of -noverbose to test-mhstore.
      Added recommendation to use nmh-storage profile setting or
      Added convenience function die() to mhmail.
      Added mkstemp(1), wrapper around mkstemp(3)/mkstemps(3), to
      In test/common.sh.in trap, cd to $MH_TEST_DIR before trying
      Remove backup file at end of test-ext-params, and a temp file.
      Added remedy for compile warnings when built with --with-tls on
      Changed unused symbol that gen-ctype-checked creates with NDEBUG
      Made a couple of globals static in smtp.c.
      Removed declaration of unused sm_reply from post.c.
      Fixed a few very minor issues that cppcheck noticed.
      Fixed test/getcwidth.c to build without MULTIBYTE_SUPPORT.
      Check for text/html display programs in this order:  w3m, lynx, elinks.
      Fixed test-mkstemp to work on platforms that don't have mkstemps(3),
      Compare character with EOF using signed comparison because
      Added probe to configure.ac to output flex version (for fed18arm7 build).
      Modified probe to output sbr/dtimep.c.  The flex version is 2.5.36.
      Fixed fixup of sbr/dtimep.c with flex 2.5.36.
      Fixed some of the issues noted by clang --analyze with
      Moved "mhparam iconv" description to mhparam(1) man page and put
      Fixed formatting of program name in mh-mime(7) man page.  Removed
      Renamed mkstemp(1) man page to mh-mkstemp(1), so it doesn't obscure
      Fixed quoting of charset value in mhn.defaults.sh.
      Note that order is preserved for messages that have the same date,
      Added mhshow-show-application/pdf detection to mhn.defaults.sh.
      mhn.defaults.sh really doesn't need to look in /usr/demo/SOUND
      Update context and sequences before showing messages in mhn(1),
      Don't ignore return value of lkfopendata(), most notably of
      Instead of relying on errno to determine if locking failed, pass
      lkopen_dot() would block forever if another process held a lock
      Use *ct->c_ceclosefnx() instead of clsoe_encoding() in show_content_aux().
      The size reported by mhshow test-charset is different with and
      Merge remote-tracking branch 'origin/fix-locking'
      Added -dump (and -child) to lynx invocation when it's used in
      Added -dump to w3m and elinks invocations in mhn.defaults.
      If -[no]concat is given to show(1), have it use showmimeproc instead
      Fixed showproc for RFC 822 messages.  Thanks to Mikhail for
      If mhfixmsg's call to convert_charset() fails, output why.

Eric Schnoebelen (1):
      Move chdir() call so -recurse option works again.

Harvey Eneman (1):
      Fixed the default rcvdistcomps and rcvdistcomps.outbox to to insert

Jerrad Pierce (2):
      Added description of @folder format to nmh.man.
      Added docs/contrib/vpick.

Ken Hornstein (416):
      Update for post-1.5 release.
      Got the hostname for the savannah upload area wrong.
      The mh-users list at UCI is no longer.
      Update info for mh-profile documenting comment format and the
      Disable utmpx support for systems that lack getutxent.
      Updates OS specific notes.
      Fix the case of the MacOS X dSYM directories.
      Fix test so it will work on terminal widths other than 80.
      Minor changes to replyfilter to make it compatible with older versions of 
      Support for handling multibyte encodings in cpstripped(), which
      Convert the content-transfer-encoding to lower-case always.
      Fix off-by-one error, noticed by Ralph Corderoy.
      One more lowercase for the content-transfer-encoding.
      Fix incorrect documentation about the install process for files in 'etc'.
      Fix typo in gpg command and handle the .sig file properly.
      Make the base64 encoder endian-agnostic, and remove the function
      Fix test for changes to mhparam.
      Change the Bcc: code in post so it includes the From: header from the 
      New test for folder -recurse
      Change %(putlit) and %(zputlit) to take TF_EXPR instead of TF_STR.  This
      Make sure we stick to POSIX-sed only.  I _think_ this portable enough to
      Update with new functions and comments describing them.
      Beginnings of the changes to fmt_compile for memory rework.
      Add refcounting to struct comp.
      Add some comments to explain how format loop support was supposed to work.
      Fix a few bugs:
      Update documentation to match code change.
      Beginnings of conversion of code to new format interface.
      Fix missing argument to fmt_free().
      Partial work for mhl; still more stuff to do.
      Fix up documentation a bit.
      Add missing functions for manipulating component text.
      Basic support for the new world API; seems to work!
      More (and hopefully for now) the final cleanup for mhl.
      Finished work on rcvdist to convert to new world format API.
      Remove unused variable.
      Change API a bit.
      Change fmt_findcasecmp() to fmt_findcasecomp().  The new name is more
      Convert scan() to the new world format API.
      Whoops, with the new world order we need to make sure we allocate memory
      Support for the new world format API for comp and forw.
      Convert repl to the new world format API.
      Make sure we strip off a newline from components we want to display (we
      Merge branch 'format-memory-rework'
      Document the -port switch to inc.  Also, fix the -port switch to inc so
      Document changes to inc.
      Fix the race condition with fakesmtp so it works without needing retries.
      Add support for a -nosasl switch.
      A new test for the POP support in inc.  Very simple for now, but it seems
      Since pick now uses decode_rfc2047, we need to be sure to link in the
      Update about changes to rmmproc support.
      Merge branch 'master' of git.sv.nongnu.org:/srv/git/nmh
      The beginnings of a program to test format functions/files.
      Remove the peeking into the stdio internals inside of scan().  Hm, this
      We are now requiring autoconf 2.68 and automake 1.13.
      Note changes to autoconf requirements here.
      Finally deprecate --enable-nmh-debug
      Document removal of --enable-nmh-debug
      Autoconf/automake cleanup
      Still MORE autoconf cleanup.
      Clean up (and hopefully improve) the autoconf iconv tests.
      Change TLS support to only link the TLS libraries with the programs that
      Switch to using native automake rules for cscope.
      Create a dependency for mh-chart.man on all of the man page sources so
      Remove support for -ebcdicsafe/-noebcdicsafe switches in various 
      Fix bug where a "cur" sequence that was outside the folder allocation 
      Convert all argument processing over to using X-Macros for cleanup.
      Convert the MIME content cache switches over to the smatch() New World 
      At this point we're assuming at least C89 support, so there's no reason
      We never use the autoconf checks for errno.h, crypt.h, or netdb.h, so
      Remove the --with-pager configure option and replace it with a default
      Support the VISUAL and EDITOR environment variables, and remove support
      Beginning of implementation of new argsplit() function to handle arguments
      Fix memory leak in arglist code
      Fix a bug leading to message corruption with inc when incorporation more
      Merge branch 'master' into format-test
      Fix a bug leading to message corruption with inc when incorporation more
      Fix the format engine so it properly keeps track of multibyte characters
      Handle the case in the test suite where wcwidth() can return different
      The start of the use of argsplit() to process command strings.
      Switch the editor invocation over to use argsplit().
      More changes to use argsplit() for helper programs.
      Set the locale for one of the "pick" invocations to UTF-8, so we can 
      Fix some warnings for Solaris.
      More code converted to use argsplit().
      Finally switch over from vfork() to fork() completely.
      If we don't have iconv, skip the multibyte test that requires character
      Move ICONV_ENABLED so it always gets initialized even if the header check
      Make sure we created the test file even if we don't have iconv support;
      If the multibyte width test fails, dump the values of wcwidth() for the
      Add some diagnostics to determine what is going wrong.
      Ignore the return status of diff, so we don't exit if diff fails when 
      Rework multibyte test so it will calculate the width of all of the
      Handle the case where (on Solaris) the width of U+2019 is 2 (which seems
      Convert post over to use new argsplit code.
      Cast wchar_t to long unsigned int to deal with differing types of
      Make sure we don't link getcwidth with the nmh libraries.
      Start of the signed/unsigned char cleanup.
      FINALLY clean up our signed/unsigned character warning mess.  In short, we
      Remove warning suppression we no longer need.  Hooray!
      Make sure these stdarg lists are properly terminated with pointer-context
      More work to convert programs over to the use of argsplit().
      Move etc/gen-ctype-checked into an Automake primary so dependency 
      More conversion to argsplit().
      Create a central prototype for free_content().
      Make burst(1) be able to burst MIME-formatted messages with message/rfc822
      Add a new test for the MIME functionality in burst.
      Final conversion to new argsplit() code.
      Remove "installproc" since it is no longer used.
      Remove installproc from the test since we don't have it anymore.
      Document argsplit changes in mh-profile man page.
      Convert fmttest over to the new argument processing world order.
      Remove support for -mail, -saml, -send, and -soml switches in send
      Clean up argument handling to fmttest, as a precursor to actually getting
      Correct man page information for %(width) format instruction.
      More work on fmttest, but still plenty more to go.
      Add more functionality to fmttest; it's starting to get semi-useful.
      Slightly more useful, but still more work to do.
      Remove dead UUCP address parsing code.  Sadly, this is not the complete
      fmttest is actually starting to get useful now.  Some changes were 
      Apply David Levine's fix from whomfile() to sendfile() as well.
      The beginnings of a fmttest man page.
      Make generating the ChangeLog work if you're building a distribution from
      Support callbacks into the format engine.  This is so we can add in proper
      Support for the address duplication done by repl, and also clean up
      Basic format tracing support; seems to work!
      Minor updates for fmttest man page.
      Bring this up to best practices.
      Rearrange options a bit and support the -nodump flag.  Also clean up how
      Flesh this out so finally it's halfway useful.
      Update instruction output to be a bit more cleaner
      Add a lot more text to the man page; it should be in reasonable shape now.
      Merge branch 'format-test'
      Fix a few issues resulting from m_getfld() API changes.
      Document new fmttest program.
      Quote the arguments to the .I macro so the manpage test doesn't complain.
      Whoops, forgot a \ when adding fmttest.man to man_SRCS.
      Fix the code to print out an unknown instruction.  Wow, this never worked
      Add support for LS_UNQUOTE instruction.
      Support RFC 2231 language tags in RFC 2047 header strings.
      Update with more information.
      Change sample disposition from "application" to "attachment"
      Add support for RFC-2017, message/external-body content which contains 
      Start of the changes for the new lock code.  Does not compile yet.
      More locking updates; still doesn't compile yet.
      Mostly complete now, but not yet functional.
      Turns out the close function can be called with FILE * == NULL, so handle
      Support for locking tests in the test suite.
      Add information about locking support entries to the man pages.
      Add ICONVLIB to build rule for mhfixmsg
      Add code for (and convert world to) the new world lock order.
      Make sure the building of config/config.o and sbr/mts.o depend on
      Don't lock and write the sequence files until after the searching
      Support for sequence file locking in inc(1).
      More documentation about locking changes.
      Merge branch 'newlock'
      Change mhfixmsg to the new world folder_read() API.
      Make sure to mark the sequence file as closed in the msgs struct.
      Minor formatting fix for fmttest man page.
      Make some formatting changes to conform to our manpage style.
      Change folder_delmsgs() to save context and sequence files (and make
      Change seqset_t to unsigned long to support more sequences on LP64 
      Warn the user if too many sequences exist during sequence initialization.
      Document changes regarding increased per-folder sequence limits.
      Preliminary support for TLS negotiation at the very start of SMTP session.
      Document new -initialtls option.
      Remove extra arguments from two anno tests; the check() function now
      If mbtowc() fails to handle a character, replace the offending character
      Add warnings about the use of %(decode) on addresses.
      Reject email addresses which contain 8-bit characters.
      Remove unneeded stat() call; was a leftover from the original MH
      Remove support for NOPUBLICSEQ.
      Add locking support to the version of the sequence file reading code used
      Update the mh-sequence(5) man page with details of the format of the
      Minor comment cleanup.
      Implemented -build switch for comp, at the request of the MH-E developers.
      Some comments describing the MIME structures.
      Start of RFC 2047 encoding code.  Not complete in the slightest.
      Minor comment update.
      A little tiny bit closer to working.
      Fix up warnings reported by LLVM.
      Fix bug found by LLVM.
      Test to make sure mhshow is actually invoking a charset conversion
      A hopefully-functional quoted-printable encoder
      Fix up a few miscalculations.
      Remove unused argument.
      It looks like simple quoted-printable encoding of headers works!
      Fix qpspecial() macro test, and do proper casts to handle signed chars.
      Fix some space calculation/whitespace handling bugs.
      Switch to the (correct) casting of char to unsigned char for is*() macros.
      Support the -headerencoding switch to select the header encoding 
      Beginning stubs to support base64 header encoding.
      Getting closer to getting base64 header encoding working.
      Fix handling of -headerencoding switch.
      A little closer, but still has problems.
      Add support for -changecur and -nochangecur to mhlist(1).
      Don't increment the buffer pointer for the NUL string terminator; this
      A number of bug fixes:
      Document things a bit more.
      Fix up date mode so it works without providing a format string.
      Start work on address header parsing.
      Actually check the output buffer length all of the time.
      Document snprintb() a bit.
      Switch fmttest over to using snprintb() instead of the private custom 
      Test for unquoting, but it doesn't work yet.
      Fix up the unquote test, with help from Lyndon and Ralph.
      Break out the unquote functionality to a separate function.
      A little bit closer to working for address headers.
      More work on address portion of RFC 2047 encoder.
      Fix up a few warnings and problems.
      More work, but still stuff to do.
      Remove code to set the signature buffer; it turns out that with our
      Since our last caller of getlocaladdr() was removed, garbage-collect this
      Document a few more things.
      I think we're very close to get address encoding working, but still have
      Do proper group handling, and fix a bug in the q-p encoder.
      Use pref_encoding() to select the default encoding for all headers.
      Don't put a space after the trailing semicolon for group termination.
      Add support for a -file switch to handle messages that are not in folders.
      First round of tests!  Still want to do more before it gets merged.
      Whoops, shouldn't use autoincrement with a macro; forgot about side
      Support for more tests.
      Merge branch 'encode-rfc2047'
      Note changes to mhbuild.
      Minor typo fix.
      Slightly clarify mhbuild man page.
      More man page minor fixup.
      Fix cut & paste mistake.
      More tests (but not quite finished yet).
      Fix a few warnings.
      A few more tests; I think that's enough for now.
      Fix another warning.
      Garbage collect "normalize".
      Update pending-release-notes regarding removal of the -normalize and
      Have getfqdn fall back to printing out the given hostname if the DNS 
      Sigh, I always forget this is errno.h, not sys/errno.h.
      Switch to default of -g so hopefully we can get something useful from the
      Sigh. Make sure the binaries aren't stripped as well.
      One final check to make sure the binary isn't stripped
      I give up for now; revert these debugging commits.
      Fix one of the POP tests to work on wide terminals.
      Clean up comments, and update information on file locking.
      Minor autoconf style cleanup.
      Change fmttest to use litputs() on str and output buffers during tracing.
      Make sure that branching instructions are traced even if we're executing 
      Add support for outputing a few (limited) terminal attributes in format
      It looks like some systems also need curses.h as well as term.h
      Move the termsbr code into the libmh library, where it belongs.
      Drop support for different behavior on hardcopy terminals.  It's 2014,
      Fix problem with %(putlit) and %(zputlit) causing a SIGSEGV
      Switch from the M-X format for characters with the high bit set to
      Always emit an STR instruction for terminal escape sequences, otherwise 
      Remove baudrate-handing code.
      Garbage collect unused code.
      Convert all of the terminal functions over to terminfo(5) instead of
      include curses.h so this (hopefully) now works on Solaris.
      I guess we can't include both termcap and terminfo headers on Solaris.
      Sigh.  Fix up missing conversion from clear->ti_clear.
      Remove checks for termcap.h and ncurses/termcap.h, since we're not using
      Create an autoconf test to determine the argument of the tputs() callback.
      Whoops, I forgot that AC_CACHE_CHECK calls AC_MSG_RESULT.
      Also make sure outc() uses TPUTS_PUTC_ARG.
      Garbage collect some Autoconf cruft that has been around a lot longer
      Document %(nodate), and update things a bit.
      Add support for %(hascolor), and a new function for parameterized
      Support for sending color escape sequences retrieved from terminfo(5).
      Make sure scan.curses is installed & distributed.
      Whoops, I'm supposed to NUL-terminate the string, not set the actual 
      Add a test for the new curses-based format escapes.
      Prevent message status allocation code from overflowing if we get a
      Update this for From, Resent-From, and Envelope-From.  Also document
      Preliminary Attach: header support.  Untested just yet.
      A bit closer, but don't run the test just yet.
      Make sure we use the 'short' filename and add newlines where appropriate.
      Don't error out if the message body is empty.
      More tests, but not quite there yet.
      Switch over to using --mime-type, since --mime seems to include a
      Change test-mhmail so it can handle a MIMETYPEPROC that doesn't output
      Remove WHATNOW #ifdefs; that code was obsolete a long time ago.
      Add support for -auto flag to mhbuild.
      Explictly return the exit code, so we can portably guarantee that
      Beginning of work to run mhbuild always.  A bit more complicated than I
      Removed unused argument "file" to user_content().
      Allow mhbuild to work when the message body is empty.  You know, that
      Add support for not outputting any MIME headers when using dist.
      Add a test for dist to make sure it works with headers that need RFC-2047
      Change error message so "Unknown error 0" doesn't get printed if there
      Document the -dist flag.
      Remove the --disable-locale configure option and make locale support
      Completely deprecate support for MM_CHARSET.
      Remove autoconf checks for nl_langinfo() and langinfo.h
      Fix a bunch of tests for the mhbuild changes; still more to do.
      Make viamail read the user's profile; this is required because sendsbr()
      Fixed this to use Attach instead of Nmh-Attachment.
      Convert whatnow over to using the new Attach header.
      Fix mhmail so it works with the new world order.
      Flesh out test-attach, and set it to run as part of the test suite.
      Update the pending-release-notes for changes.
      Remove automimeproc functionality; it's redundant now.
      Garbage collect unused code.
      Document changes to mhbuild and send.
      Merge branch 'mhbuild-always'
      Whoops, forgot a newline.
      Hm, maybe I can't put environment variable assignments in front of
      Try to suppress warnings from changes (but why is this thing complaining
      Make sure we include tiny.jpg we need for the test suite.
      Whoops, forgot to initialize the linked list next pointer to NULL.
      Switch from volatile char * to the more correct char *volatile.
      In my over-eager trimming I didn't realize the fallback code that
      Move uip/attach.c to sbr/mime_type.c; it was used by enough programs
      Beginnings of selectable CTE; allow specification in mhbuild directives,
      Add -width when appropriate for this test.
      Fix base64 to handle text parts properly; currently this breaks mhfixmsg,
      Merge branch 'base64-text-fixup'
      Document changes to base64 encoder/decoder.
      Change mhstore test slightly to test canonical line ending handling for
      Support for selectable Content-Transfer-Encoding.
      Document changes to mhbuild.
      Fix up mhbuild so the character set is always output when needed, even
      Add a new (but incomplete) test for mhbuild's new functionality.
      Fix encoder so at least one case of LF -> CR LF conversion happens 
      Add a new base64 CTE test.
      More fixes (and tests) for the base64 encoder.
      More CTE tests.
      Still more CTE tests to cover (hopefully) all of tbe base64 cases.
      A few more C-T-E tests.
      Add test for -maxunencoded.
      Adjust the quoted-printable output routine to continue when the end of
      Fix uninitialized variable warning
      Start of changes to support extended parameter parsing and decoding.
      Beginnings of RFC 2231 support.  Does not compile (yet).
      Move contains8bit() to a common file, and make it a bit more general.
      More extended parameter work.  Still non-functional.
      Fix for bug #41618: Supply charset to w3m when converting text/html parts.
      More work on handling encoded params; still does not compile.
      Getting closer to getting something working.
      It compiles now!  And actually sort of works, but still a LOT more
      Fix up error reporting for the hook code.
      Make sure we don't modify the original text when processing the 
      Beginnings of test suite for RFC 2231 support; does not work yet.
      First basic test of extended parameter output: working!
      Calculate "characters to use in for current line" based on starting a new
      A new test for longer lines.
      Remove unused variable, and make sure we free c_dispo_type.
      Make sure we include space in the list of characters we need to encode in
      Add test for long + encoded line; does not pass right now.
      Closer, but not quite right yet.
      Re-do length calculation for parameter output, and adapt test for new 
      Use RFC 2047 encoding for Content-Description, and make sure to encode
      Support complete encoding for encoding Content-Type parameters.  Start
      Fix iconv return value test warning.
      Add a new get_param_value(); redo iconv() parameter conversion code.
      More cleaned and conversion to the new parameter API.
      For some reason viamail listed mhoutsbr as a dependency.  It turned out it
      Whoops, forgot to TEST THIS OUT first.
      Switch over get_ctinfo() to determine the filename based on the filename 
      Convert unqp() to decode_qp(), and make it a public function.  Also,
      Make parse_header_attrs() a private function (there are no longer any
      More work on extended parameter parser.  Does not compile yet.
      Fixes for the MIME parser; kinda works for regular parameters, but
      A few minor fixups; the parser now passes the test suite!
      Whoops, forgot to set the name element of the partial parameter structure.
      Fix up a few pointer mishaps; this should now get everything right!
      Fix up some error reporting, and reassemble partial parameters correctly.
      Some tests for RFC 2231 decoding; seems like it works, but need to stress
      Update mhlist and other relevant utilities to output disposition 
      Add message/external-body test.
      Update information to mention RFC 2231.
      Change disposition output slightly.
      Move language tag parser into the block so it only gets
      Switch over to using the token parser instead of isspace(), and
      Whoops, a little TOO hasty on the last bugfix; put back an assignment.
      A more complicated RFC 2231 parsing example.
      Add extra argument to add_param() so it can use the passed-in pointers
      More tests for extended-parameter parsing.
      Update pending-release-notes.
      Merge branch 'extended-params'
      Fix up some warnings and problems when iconv doesn't exist.
      Remove unneeded assignment.
      Prevent crash if editfile() is called and both "*ed" and editsave
      Update documentation to match reality.
      Update test to match reality
      Put in check so "attach" is rejected when the draft already has MIME 
      Fix minor typo.
      Update and fix some formatting issues.
      Create new mh-mime man page, with overview of how MIME handling works in 
      Update for mh-mime.
      Add support for printing iconv and localmbox.
      Fix some typos and make some style changes suggested by Ralph Corderoy
      Whoops, missed a warning groff found.
      Sigh.  Make localmbox work even if we're not using -debug.
      Remove support for parallel content display.  This means we can finally 
      Remove support for -pause/-nopause switches to mhshow(1).  This and
      Move pidcheck() into mhshowsbr.c (the only consumer of it) and make
      Start of changes for mhshow; compiles, but does nothing (yet).
      Moving closer to fixing mhshow completely.  Includes fix from David Levine
      Now only display text and inline content by default.
      Change things so we only supply a form filename; most programs don't do
      Add new flags for -concat/-noconcat, -inlineonly/-noinlineonly, and
      Change from "concat" to "concatsw" so we don't conflict with the
      Document the changes made to mhshow.
      Document and distribute mhshow.marker
      Merge branch 'mhshow-fixup'
      Formatting fix, from Mikhail <address@hidden>.
      Fix test for inlineonly.
      A bad cut-and-paste job made -noinlineonly not work.  Patch from
      Fix bug in error message when reporting character set conversion failure.
      Don't clobber "cp"; use dp instead.
      Use a dynamically-allocated buffer for character set conversion, and
      If c_termproc is set, include a default display command so the charset
      Make sure the draft filename ends up in the MIME structure, so error
      Create a default CTE so routines in mhparse.c are happy.
      If attaching a "message" content type, scan the content to see if it
      Update developer documentation to match reality.
      Add README-iCalendar to the distribution.
      Update these a bit.

Lyndon Nerenberg (75):
      Formatting cleanup.
      Default to flock() locking on OpenBSD and Darwin.
      Fix a comment typo.
      Merge branch 'master' of ssh://git.sv.gnu.org/srv/git/nmh
      Allow $PAGER to override the compiled-in default pager command.
      Merge branch 'master' of ssh://git.sv.gnu.org/srv/git/nmh
      automake 1.12 generates some (apparently) harmless warnings, but the build
      Slightly reformat the FINDCOMP macro to quell a clang warning about
      Some version of man(1) barf if the first line of the manpage is not
      Add new make targets 'man' and 'cleanman' to build and clean just
      Merge branch 'master' of ssh://git.sv.gnu.org/srv/git/nmh
      Incorporate Paul Fox's changes that group the commands by functional 
      Merge branch 'master' of ssh://git.sv.gnu.org/srv/git/nmh
      Update the manpage authors guide, primarily for .TP, but also fixes
      Ensure the .TH macro is the first line of the manpage source files. Some
      Elide spurious empty lines in manpage source files.
      Manpage SEE ALSO cleanup.
      A couple more manpage typo cleanups.
      Manpage cross-reference cleanups:  convert '.BR cmd (section)' to '.IR 
cmd (section)'
      Rationalize .TH manpage macro invocations.
      Merge branch 'master' of ssh://git.sv.gnu.org/srv/git/nmh
      Update the manpage style guide.
      Merge branch 'master' of ssh://git.sv.gnu.org/srv/git/nmh
      Remove %nmhdate% substitution from man.sed.  It's no longer used.
      Fix one last missed %nmhdate% substitution.
      Clarify that manpage references use the .IR macro everywhere.
      nmh.7 isn't the place to advise people how to change their $PATH.
      Import a copy of Markus Schnalke's master's thesis: The Modern Mail 
      Add an AM_PROG_AR program check to configure.ac  This quells a
      Ignore top-level ar-lib file.
      Note that the minimum required version of automake is 1.12.
      IPPROTO_TCP requires <netinet/in.h>
      Merge branch 'master' of ssh://git.sv.gnu.org/srv/git/nmh into nmh
      Hush progress indicator during tests when stdout is not a tty.
      How hard can it be to write a portable shell function that does nothing?
      Change the MD5FMT macro in configure.ac to not emit filename.
      Wrap 'pick -subject foobar 13' test with set +e/-e.
      Use cmp(1) to compare acheieved and expected test results.
      Update the manpage template documentation.
      Update manpages to use .TP for tagged paragraphs (part I).
      Update manpages to use .TP for tagged paragraphs (part I).
      Merge branch 'master' into savannah
      Fix configure tests for -Wfoo option support.
      More .ta -> .TP manpage cleanup.
      Clean up mh-alias(5) manpage.
      Stupid typo in manpage.
      Fix typo.
      Merge branch 'master' of ssh://git.sv.gnu.org/srv/git/nmh
      Delete SYNOPSIS from section 5 manpages.
      Remove SYNOPSIS from nmh(7).
      conflict(8): style - move deprecation notice into DESCRIPTION.
      If we're searching for commands, prefer xpg4 versions on Solaris.
      Add compilation guard around lkopen_flock.
      Prefer /usr/sbin/sendmail over /usr/lib/sendmail.
      Remove spurious return statements after exit().
      Copy a parameter off the call stack to quell a longjmp warning.
      Move a variable manipulation outside the context of setjmp() to quell a 
compiler warning.
      Merge branch 'master' of ssh://git.sv.gnu.org/srv/git/nmh
      Revert "Move a variable manipulation outside the context of setjmp() to 
quell a compiler warning."
      Merge branch 'master' of ssh://git.sv.gnu.org/srv/git/nmh
      test/common.sh.in: use awk to pick off first output field.
      Remove the Solaris cc hack; the buildbot should have the correct
      One more attempt at getting the buildbot $PATH correct on Solaris.
      Prefer cc over gcc.
      Add buildbot hacks for OpenBSD.
      Import Dave Crocker's brief history of email development at Rand.
      Update the manpage style guide to be consistent about setting program 
names in
      Remove dead initialization of fp in main().
      Clang's static analyzer reports a potential NULL pointer deref.
      If getln() sees a newline as its first character, it incorrectly
      I missed one spot in getln() where the new quoting flag needs to be 
      When lkfopendata() fails, seqfile is being freed too soon.
      Add a note about devel/autotools as a pre-req for building on FreeBSD.
      Merge branch 'master' of ssh://git.sv.gnu.org/srv/git/nmh

Oliver Kiddle (2):
      futher test suite fixes to work on Solaris
      Yozo TODA: fix for mhshow-charset- directives in .mh_profile being broken

Pascal Stumpf (1):
      rand()/srand() are not cryptographically secure PRNGs.  Some systems

Paul Fox (17):
      Implement the following changes:
      Added ml script to docs/contrib.
      Added ml script to docs/contrib.
      Artificial argv limits.
      app_msgarg: de-obfuscate
      burst: eliminate use of MAXARGS
      forw: remove MAXARGS limit when running mhlproc
      show: remove MAXARGS limit when running any of the helper procs
      show:  remove unreachable code
      show: remove unused variable
      pick: add -nosequence command line switch
      mhshow:  properly treat unknown multipart subtypes as "mixed"
      m_convert: 'foo=n' and 'foo=+/-n' now select msgs with relative offsets
      mh-sequence.man: document new '=+' and '=-' for selecting relative msgs
      test-mark:  add tests for relative message selections
      mhshow: properly report the name of a failing display program
      add rmf(1) and folder(1) to one another's SEE ALSO sections

Ralph Corderoy (2):
      Fixed "mark -sequence cur -delete all" to work for cur as
      Corrected the last addition to man/nmh.man.  Might be nicer to explain

Tom Lane (1):
      Fixed places in the code relying the C99-ism of declarations in the


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