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Re: [Netsukuku-vala] cleaner and reusable code

From: Alexei
Subject: Re: [Netsukuku-vala] cleaner and reusable code
Date: Fri, 18 Oct 2013 14:40:20 +0400

Thank you, Luca. It's clear now.

As MissValeska told C version is the only way to try using netsukuku now. Let some people try working with C version, after a while they would be ready to understand and decide what would be better, to port code from Python and Vala, or to study Vala and move to it.

For information to all. I successfully compiled C version on two different virtual machines, one of them is Debian 7 and another is Archlinux. Before compile on Debian I installed every necessary dependence, but on Archlinux I could not get most of them, so I tried to compile netsukuku without dependences there and had a success. On both machines It runs but I don't know if it work or not, I did not try yet.


On Thu, Oct 17, 2013 at 11:56 AM, Luca Dionisi <address@hidden> wrote:
On Oct 16, 2013 9:02 PM, "Alexei" <address@hidden> wrote:
Hi, Luca! Could you explain, please. If I understand right tasklets-mechanism is the narrow (problem) part of C-version netsukuku. And did you return from vala to C/Python-version? And is it the future plan to replace Python's code for micro-threads with C or vala? 

When I entered into netsukuku, the C version was already abandoned in favour of python. I don't know which mechanism it used for multitasking purposes. The devs stated that one of the advantages of Stackless Python was its light cooperative multi-threading system, called tasklets. They stated also that the porting from C to Python was complete and that their then-new QSPN algorithm had been implemented.

Then I started to test the program and with few other developers we fixed bugs and implemented new algorithms, always with (sort of) the supervision of Alpt. In the end we added and improved a lot of code.

For these reasons it's my humble opinion that going back to the C code is a big step backward, and I didn't ever suggest to anyone to do that.

A couple of years ago, the main reason being that Stackless Python was very difficult to put in embedded devices, I started to look for alternatives and decided to go with Vala as a language and the C library GNU Pth as a "nearly drop-in" replacement for tasklets.

The complete port of the python code to Vala is not finished yet. My personal plan is to continue in this path. The work that I presented in this mail is just a effort to better organize the code.


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