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Re: [Netsukuku-vala] cleaner and reusable code

From: Alexei
Subject: Re: [Netsukuku-vala] cleaner and reusable code
Date: Wed, 16 Oct 2013 23:01:38 +0400

Hi, Luca! Could you explain, please. If I understand right tasklets-mechanism is the narrow (problem) part of C-version netsukuku. And did you return from vala to C/Python-version? And is it the future plan to replace Python's code for micro-threads with C or vala? 


On Wed, Oct 16, 2013 at 5:07 PM, Luca Dionisi <address@hidden> wrote:
I have extrapolated some code from netsukuku and I created some base libraries that are quite generic.

1. logger
This is quite useless. There are plenty of tools to facilitate the production of logs. Anyway the netsukuku code use this one at the moment.

2. tasklet
This library depends on logger.
A program using this library will be able to spawn tasklets (micro-threads) and, in any tasklet, interact with sockets in a non-blocking manner for the other concurrent tasklets. These micro-threads are currently backed by GNU Pth. They are very light and portable.

3. rpc
This library is a framework for producing code that enables Remote Procedure Calls. It depends on logger and tasklet.

The aim of this work is to make netsukuku code more readable, by removing code that is ancillary.

I will soon release these libraries and then work to rebase netsukuku on them so that I will be able to remove many of the current source files.

Another plus is that we'll be able to produce, without much code duplication, a rpc-client that one can use to monitor the internals of ntkd locally or even on remote nodes.

In particular the rpc framework (which the rpc library will be a part of) is quite flexible and I will explain in more details when I release it.


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