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[Netsukuku-vala] update: netsukuku running on a router

From: Luca Dionisi
Subject: [Netsukuku-vala] update: netsukuku running on a router
Date: Fri, 27 Apr 2012 00:00:47 +0200

It is possible to compile a OpenWRT firmware for the wireless router
TPLink WR1043ND with which you can run Netsukuku.
This device has 8 MB of flash storage and 32 MB of RAM.
(It also has an USB port that one could use to get more storage, but
that's not needed to be able to run ntkd)

I finally succeeded to install it. It is the Vala implementation that
I am working on recently.
It hasn't got yet all of the features that were in the python version.
Anyhow, once you start it and give it a NIC interface, it will automatically:
  * obtain an IP address (this will not harm the one IP you got from
your ISP, if any)
  * listen to neighborhood for other netsukuku nodes
  * configure routing tables in order to reach other nodes in the network

During the process I wrote down some notes, I placed them here today:

It's a starting point, if someone wants to try with its hardware.


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