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Re: [Netsukuku-vala] [Netsukuku] Some updates on progress and a request

From: Luca Dionisi
Subject: Re: [Netsukuku-vala] [Netsukuku] Some updates on progress and a request for help with testing
Date: Mon, 12 Mar 2012 08:31:23 +0100

On Sun, Mar 11, 2012 at 10:35 PM, Shadr <address@hidden> wrote:
> On 03/11/2012 08:39 PM, Luca Dionisi wrote:
>> On Sun, Mar 11, 2012 at 12:17 PM, Shadr <address@hidden> wrote:
>>> I can help with testing on some hardware, and build small (20-50 nodes)
>>> network.
>> Very good. What kind of hardware? What O.S. are they running?
>>> Also can write ebuild(s) for gentoo overlays, but bazaar repo.. not so
>>> good for this.
>> I do not get what you mean.
>>> So, in the start, i can`t build latest source from
>> It's probably some little inconsistencies between Vala 0.12 and 0.14.
>> I will look at it asap. At the moment you could try using Vala 0.12 if
>> you want. Or I could send you the C files produced with my
>> installation of Vala and then you might be able to build with your
>> gcc.
>> --Luca
> Yep, it compiles with vala-0.12.1.
> ./ntkd -v 1 -i eth3
> andnsserver inprocess
> ** (ntkd:8122): CRITICAL **: file network_linux.c: line 2350: uncaught
> error: RTNETLINK answers: Operation not supported
> Dump terminated (ntk_impl_linux_iproute_command_error-quark, 0)
> WARNING: Iproute: Got following exception, but proceeding anyway:
> RTNETLINK answers: File exists
> And runs.
> Hardware - x86_64 servers/workstations/notebook with Gentoo Linux, may
> be some wifi-routers with dd-wrt.
> Ebuild is a specialized bash script which automates compilation and
> installation procedures for software packages. The format was created by
> the Gentoo Linux project for use in its Portage software management system.
> From Wikipedia. So, it may help many Gentoo users with
> installing/testing netsukuku.
> But bzr is noncommon vcs, written in python with some depends.
> Git/Mercurial repo/mirror may be a good idea for future.

Try with "-v 2" and see what's the command that gives the "Operation
not supported".

I don't know what the common way is to build a dd-wrt system. I have
found my way through a OpenWRT environment to build the software and
its dependencies for a MIPS (big endian) architecture and I wrote down
the commands.
I attach the commands, but I don't think they are useful to you
because they assume these points:
* that you use openwrt
* that you have linked it against glibc (instead of default uClibc)
* that you have previously built GLib (2.28.8) libgee (0.6.1) and pth
(2.0.7) for your target (I have scripted commands for that)

If you are willing to test with a router then tell me:
1. can you make a dd-wrt cross compiling environment linked against
glibc? - glibc is a strict requirement at the moment.
2. what architecture are you building for?


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