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[Netsukuku-site] website update

From: Luca Dionisi
Subject: [Netsukuku-site] website update
Date: Sun, 31 Jul 2011 12:48:22 +0200

Hi all

First, let's have a look at the results.
Many people have vowed they're willing to contribute. Many have
subscribed to this ml.
Very little discussions have been made on what we want and what we need to do.
Nothing at all (except the installation of wordpress site by the good
jaromil) has been done.

I think we are in need of one person who takes the lead of the
(future) efforts on this side.
He has the power/responsibility to take a decision on the platform to
use, the layout of the site, the contents, and all.
I cannot be that person. I lack time and expertise on the field.

I'd like to just reiterate my humble opinion about the priorities for
the website.
The primary target of the site is not people who want to know the
theory, investigate on possible improvements, compare to the
alternatives on routing protocols, look at the code or help with
It's people who wants to try the software and connect to a network or
create a new one.
So, urgent things are:
1. informative pages on how to install and how to use;
2. tools that help to contact friendly people around me and coordinate
with them.
Whilst, not very urgent things are:
a. copying/updating content from the old website which deals with
theory and internal functioning of the program.

In particular, for # 1, efforts are not urgent (we need to have the
program finished to describe how it is to be installed and used) and
anyway I think we should spend little effort on it. Indeed the program
should be very easy to install and just work out of the box.
Instead, # 2 has to be carefully thought and we should make all
efforts it will take to have very useful tools for anyone who might
have interest in making a community around him. He could be a geek, or
one who knows absolutely nothing on tcp/ip.


[1] These kind of people are extremely needed right now.

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