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[Netsukuku-site] Tools for creating communities

From: Luca Dionisi
Subject: [Netsukuku-site] Tools for creating communities
Date: Mon, 18 Jul 2011 16:04:00 +0200

Hi all

I've got this idea to facilitate the creation of local communities.
When a visitor comes to the site of netsukuku, he immediately realizes
that he can download the software and install it to his devices. On a
PC or, better, on a wireless router.
He should also understand that in order to connect to an existing
network he has to be in proximity of another node.
So the first thing he will wonder is: "is someone already running it
near to me?"

Someone has to be willing to publish some relevant information (where
approximately he is, what kind of antenna he is willing to use, ...)
and probably he would like to stay as anonymous as possible.

Given this scenario, the website will permit a visitor to create a
account/password anonymously.
Alice creates a account. Alice logs in.
Alice will be able to set her location and fill a form with some data.
Bob comes to the site and sees that Alice is quite near to his house
and with a nice antenna.
Bob creates a account and logs in.
Bob sends a message to Alice.
When Alice logs again, she will see the message.

The site should give the possibility to use RSS, so that Alice will
see if she has new messages without going to the site every now and


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