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RE: [Nel] resizing when exporting from 3ds max

From: bidibulot
Subject: RE: [Nel] resizing when exporting from 3ds max
Date: Fri, 3 Oct 2003 09:30:45 +0200

Why not doing this inside max ?

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Subject: [Nel] resizing when exporting from 3ds max

actually - what i originally set out to do was to look at the
of resizing  skeletons and meshes when exporting from 3dsmax.

this is the situation:
our 3d modeller (Marcus) makes the characters and sceletons and all that

stuff in 3dsmax.

Ive gotten the idea that the scaling thats used in the export filters
adapted to the use of character studio.
This causes a problem for marcus since everythins is soooo tiny in
using that scale. He wants a bigger scale or he sulks (and we get no 
graphics lol).

obvious solutions seem to be
1 adjusting the export so it scales down skels and meshes.
2. rescaling everything in the environment.

What do u ppl think is the quickest solution? And where in the code can
start poking?


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