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RE: [Nel] about landscapes & portals

From: Francois DUSSAUGE
Subject: RE: [Nel] about landscapes & portals
Date: Wed, 23 Apr 2003 15:04:39 +0200

hi again,

> hi,
> I wish to know if we can couple the cluster systems with landscapes. Can
we have houses in a landscape (I have an IG per house, and the landscape is
the root IG) and see their interior through a portal system (i.e. not to see
all objects but some of them?) ?

Yes you can, it works.

So we try to make one big cluster (for the landscape) and a little one (for the 
house) inside. 
We have put the flags of the big cluster at true for both of them (visible from 
parent AND parent visible), and for the house we tried with all the possible 
combinations and we always see the interior of the house from outside !!! (from 
the big cluster)
So we have just one IG, it should work? are our parameters correct? can we 
include a cluster inside another?

We tries the same scheme with one IG per cluster (one for the landscape, father 
of the house's IG) and the portal included in the two IGs, but the problem is 
that a portal must be included in two clusters of the same IG. is there any 
solution for that? how should we put the flags?

thanks again !!

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