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[Nel] Questions about compiling

From: 윤 홍준
Subject: [Nel] Questions about compiling
Date: Tue, 01 Apr 2003 15:55:33 +0900

My name is Hong-Jun Youn, who is game programmer in Korea. I used to be dealing with AI, and DB by using SQL, but my new project is making new system for MMORPG. My company is the first company made RPG game in Korea. You may visit at and click English at the top on the right side. You may reference our company history and products, but you cannot download our free game ("Three Kingdoms"). Even though you cannot read Korean, just click on the left side (right below "Home" --- not click flights in a small box), then you may download our RPG game. Now, we are going to make MMORPG game, so we need new network engine suits every game players' desires totally different from P2P in RPG game. I wandered about in a lot of websites and finally found your product, Nel toolkit. I was a novice before I had undertaken this network project, so I looked over many websites (Open skies, WorldForge, Crystalspace, Zona, Quazal, X-Caliber, and so on) and read magazines, books, and some articles. It seems that your architecture of NeL toolkit is suitable in our system compared to other engines. I downloaded Source Packages (,,,, and, Data Packages (latest snowball data [zip] and cluster_view_data[zip]), and Binary Packages (latest Microsoft Windows Snowballs binary with all data and nel_launcher[zip] and nevrax UDP bench client Windows binary[zip]) files from your website. I think I must compile every code in order for me to test on our system. However, it is really hard for me to understand your codes although there is awesome documentation. Moreover, English is my second language, and the sizes of codes are pretty abundant. What I need to reference is only network part. We are almost finished 3D part on our game. Would you tell me how to compile your toolkit step by step in detail? After compiling your toolkit and testing your snowball game, I will decide if it is better idea to use your open source or not. Even if I understood how the login system works, I am a still beginner in network programming using multi-threaded. Furthermore, I would be one of person who can help your project, especially network program in the future.

I will rewrite when I get any messages from you or I have further more questions. Please email address@hidden if you are willing to help me out. Thank you very much for listening my scratch. (I say this only by way of suggestion....Our OS system is not Linux but Windows....)

Sincerely, Jun

from Korea.

행운의 주인공이 이번엔 나일꺼야, 진짜루... 인터넷 복권

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