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Re: [Nel] Custom screenshot

From: Cyril 'Hulud' Corvazier
Subject: Re: [Nel] Custom screenshot
Date: Thu, 27 Feb 2003 13:43:08 +0100

Hi Stéphane,

In NeL it is not possible to change the scene driver for another one if the 
first driver has not been deleted. The main reason is
the driver resources (like textures id, vertex buffers id or vertex programs 
id) are keeped inside the scene shapes, and the shapes
don't check if the driver is the same or not.

In theory, it is possible to delete a driver and set a new driver. Each driver 
resources are pointed by a CRefPointer that will be
set to NULL after the driver release. Then, at the first render with the new 
driver, each shape will allocate its new resources in
the new driver (and reloading the textures...). I say "in theory" because it 
works on the paper, but we don't have tested it yet.
Soon, we will use this feature to erase the driver on the fly in Ryzom to 
toggle between fullscreen / windowed mode without restart.

For your problem, i have just add an option in OV to shoot a movie with the 
current scene. This option ask you for the resolution of
the movie. It may help you.


> Hi,
> I would like to save a screenshot in a different resolution than what appears 
> the screen.I've tried to create a dummy driver and
render in it but the screenshot stays black. Here's my sample code :
> if (CNELU::AsyncListener.isKeyPushed(KeyS))
> {
> NLMISC::CBitmap btm;
> IDriver *driver= CDRU::createGlDriver();
> driver->init();
> CWnd *wnd = new CWnd();
> driver->setDisplay(wnd->m_hWnd,GfxMode(1024, 768, 16));
> driver->activate();
> // Set up the dummy driver
> CNELU::Scene.setDriver(driver);
> // Clear buffers and render
> CNELU::clearBuffers (CRGBA (0, 0, 0));
> CNELU::Scene.render();
> driver->swapBuffers();
> // Get the screenshot
> driver->getBuffer (btm);
> // Set up the old driver
> CNELU::Scene.setDriver(CNELU::Driver);
> CNELU::Scene.render();
> string filename = NLMISC::CFile::findNewFile ("screenshot.tga");
> COFile fs (filename);
> btm.writeTGA (fs,24,true);
> delete driver;
> }
> My sample is based on object_viewer code. Can anyone see what's wrong?
> Thanks
> Stephane

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