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[Nel] Way to generate snowballs new data...

From: Geraldine Deberdt
Subject: [Nel] Way to generate snowballs new data...
Date: Wed, 26 Feb 2003 14:55:12 +0100 (CET)

To generate the new Snowballs data:

- tools :

1)create an "empty" directory where you want and a subdirectory "surfaces"

2)create 4 subdirectories in "surfaces" : "raw", "retrievers", "smooth"
and "tessellation"

3)create a subdirectory named "preproc" in "raw" and one also in "smooth"

4)Modify build_rbank.cfg as followed :
- comment the test part
- uncomment the snowballs part
- change the paths
- modify those vars :
TessellateZones = 1;
MoulineZones = 1;
ProcessGlobal= 1;
- add "TessellateLevel = 3;"

5)run build_rbank, this will create "" and "snowballs.rbank"
in the "smooth" directory

6) replace the old files in data/pacs by those new files

That's all!
Good Luck...

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