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Re: [Nel] stlport_vc6_debug.lib

From: Boris Boucher
Subject: Re: [Nel] stlport_vc6_debug.lib
Date: Wed, 26 Feb 2003 14:27:29 +0100

> I am using DirectX SDK 9. Would it be better to go back to 8.0, or would
> be easier to just replace EAXDirectSoundCreate8 with the new function in
> 9?

Well, EAXDirectSoundCreate8  is a function provided by the EAX dll.
It return an inteface that is fully compatible with the IDirectSound8
For now, there is no EAXDirectSoundCreate9 in EAX.

The main advatage of this EAX interface (rather than using the DSound one)
is that it is much more compatible with system that support only EAX 1.0
(the implementation translate EAX 2.0 to EAX 1.0, so your app don't bother
with multiple EAX interface).

As DirectX keep older interface always available in new release, it is
possible that you can call EAXDirectSoundCreate8 event when compiling with
DirectX 9. To do this, you just have to hack your eax.h file... Let us know
the result if you try it !


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