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RE: [Nel] Latest snowball2

From: Vianney Lecroart
Subject: RE: [Nel] Latest snowball2
Date: Wed, 26 Feb 2003 13:37:21 +0100

Hello Martin,

It means that the 3d data are out of date and not be readable with the
last NeL. I know that somebody on the list reconstructed the new
snowballs data, so if it's possible to make an archive of them, you'll
be able to launch snowballs.
Without theses datas up to date, we can't launch snowballs.

Vianney Lecroart
lead network programmer /
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> Sent: mercredi 26 février 2003 13:26
> To: Developer's list for the NeL platform
> Subject: [Nel] Latest snowball2
> Have anybody got the latest snowball2 running?
> I have it compiled, but it throws an exception on startup.
> and...
> -------
> 2003/02/25 17:07:36 INF 1236 snowballs.exe common.cpp 608 : Exception
> be launched: The version in stream is older than the class
> -------
> What does this mean?
> brg
> martin
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