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RE: [Nel] stlport_vc6_debug.lib

From: Vianney Lecroart
Subject: RE: [Nel] stlport_vc6_debug.lib
Date: Wed, 26 Feb 2003 10:47:10 +0100

For your problem of EAX, which version of the direct X SDK do you use ?
We work with the last 8 version. If you have the dx sdk 9 it s possible
that it doesn't work because we didn't try

The installation process of the stlport is explain in the INSTALL file
and should works fine.

PS: could you please send email in text format.


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Subject: [Nel] stlport_vc6_debug.lib

I have narrowed it down to this (I renamed mine, thinking that was the
problem, which was giving me all the errors in my previous post).  
After sorting through the archives, I realize its because of the way we
made STLPORT. (nmake clean all, nmake install with the vc6-unicode.mak)
However, no matter which vc6 makefile I try it still does not make this
lib. It only makes the other ones. Do I need to reconfigure the makefile
in this aspect, or try to get one of the gcc makefiles or something to
As to the 2nd half of this post, I am having issues with my includes
(thats the only thing I can think of it being). I have all the libs, and
include dirs that were in the /code/nel/INSTALL file. However, I am
still getting the EAXDirectSoundCreate8 error.
D:\code\nel\src\sound\driver\dsound\sound_driver_dsound.cpp(357) : error
C2065: 'EAXDirectSoundCreate8' : undeclared identifier
This makes me believe there is an include I am missing (one that wasnt
in the list) or I have done something wrong. It could be the eax.dll and
the two in the OpenAL SDK, where exactly do I put them in VC++ 6 Pro? (I
put them in project/settings debug/additional dll's, but that didnt seem
to help either) Any help appreciated.

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