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Re: [Nel] // nel mail services? //

From: sameh chafik
Subject: Re: [Nel] // nel mail services? //
Date: Wed, 26 Feb 2003 10:37:27 +0100

> a question, what are the ai/agent/proxy_mailer.cpp and mailbox.cpp
intended to be used for?
> curious,
> julian oliver

ai/agent/agent_proxy_mailer.cpp contains the source of the CProxyAgentMail
class, this class allows the programmer to address a distant agent as a
local one. It works like this:

NLAIAGENT::CProxyAgentMail a(agentSid); a.sendMessage(msg);
where agentSid is something like: NLAIAGENTCAgentNumber

 The ai/agent/mailbox.cpp contains the source of the CLocalMailBox class, it
is an implemention of the IMailBox abstract class. This class manages a
message list for the send/receipt capabilities of the agent.


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