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Re: [Nel] memory directory conflictions

From: Thomas Pare
Subject: Re: [Nel] memory directory conflictions
Date: 12 Feb 2003 22:51:02 +0100


I've picked the last cvs image under gnu/linux and I have the same
problem. It's quite tricky to change the path order since the
nel/include directory is put in the path in

memory is a file included by stlport _string.h file.

Do you have a bypass at Nevrax ?



>Hi Loïc,
>We don't have this problem at Nevrax under GNU/Linux.
>Before i rename the directory, have you tried to change
>the include directories order ? If STLPort is first in the
>list, the conflict should be solved, isn't it ?
>Cyril Corvazier
>> Under GNU/Linux the name of the directory "memory" recently
>> introduced in NeL conflicts with the name of the "memory" STL include
>> file (by the way, what a great idea it is to introduce the practice
>> include names without extensions ;-). There is no easy way to avoid
>> this conflict. We could use a trick but I seems to me that it would
>> better to just rename the directory with a name less likely to
>> generate name conflicts.

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