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[Nel] NeL windows binaries (tools, Max plugin, Snowballs)

From: Vincent Caron
Subject: [Nel] NeL windows binaries (tools, Max plugin, Snowballs)
Date: Fri, 30 Aug 2002 17:42:52 +0200
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I packaged everything I could compile on my local repository. Sorry, I won't have the time to push all the patches I have done recently. Many 3DSMax 4 bugs and instability problems have been solved (not all though :)).

I've split the binaries in order to let people download only what they need (in the Linux distro packaging spirit). You just unzip the zip in the same place. Please be sure to read the README*.

Note that it makes up some megs, I can't do better until Nevrax has taken a position on DLL support. Please also note that it's on my ADSL line and that you only have 16KB/s (if you can throttle at 10KB/s it would be nice).

BTW, I'm on holydays _now_ till 17/09. Pile up your mails, I'll read them all ;)

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