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[Nel] Build landscape prb

From: neuser jean philippe
Subject: [Nel] Build landscape prb
Date: Sun, 25 Aug 2002 20:46:34 +0200

Hello everybody
I 'm always making documentation for build lanscape but only in the week , so you have to wait one more week i thinks.
No real problem but i would like some information and file.
I have downloaded and there are some problems.
i m not able to open some Max files , 3DS max crash. I have 3DS MAX 3 release 3 and character studio 2.2 . I m looking for character studio 3. but is somebody succes to load this file with my config ?
I have an other question for landscape , in snowball we can see extrude landscape ( an hole in zone) how do you this stuff ? Is it possible to have the max with this landscape stuff.
Why do you not deliverd all max files of snowball ?
i send this picture to illustrate what i would like to do .
thanks all.

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