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[Nel] Lex/Yacc source compilation and distribution (fix)

From: Loic Dachary
Subject: [Nel] Lex/Yacc source compilation and distribution (fix)
Date: Fri, 16 Aug 2002 11:34:29 +0200


        This patch is relative to nel/src/misc/config_file/. It fixes
the so that source lex / yacc files are distributed. In
addition it arranges for to be able to recompile the
sources lex / yacc files instead of relying on someone running the
do.bat script by hand (tedious and error prone).

        In order to be compatible with the autotools way of doing
things, it requires that config_file.yacc, config_file.yacc.cpp.h and
config_file.lex are renamed. It can either be done with cvs:

        cp config_file.yacc gramatical.yxx
        cp config_file.lex lexical.lxx
        cp config_file.yacc.cpp.h gramatical.h
        cvs delete -f config_file.yacc config_file.lex config_file.yacc.cpp.h

        in which case the modification history is lost. Or it can be done
in the CVS tree itself:

        mv config_file.yacc,v gramatical.yxx,v
        mv config_file.lex,v lexical.lxx,v
        mv config_file.yacc.cpp.h,v gramatical.h,v

        I also changed the do.bat script so that config_file.lex.cpp
and config_file.yacc.cpp are still generated from gramatical.yxx and
lexical.lxx.  People who don't rely on autotools won't notice the

        I attempted to do the same with nel/src/ai/script/lex_yacc but failed.
Apparently the generated files were fixed by hand and do not exactly match
the corresponding lex/yacc sources (missing ; in source, fixed in generated
file). I'll try to deal with it at a later time.


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