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[Nel] VC7 update patch

From: Vincent Caron
Subject: [Nel] VC7 update patch
Date: Mon, 05 Aug 2002 20:12:25 +0200
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here are patches against NeL and Snowballs2 .vcproj and .sln files (MSVC.NET). Note for those wanting to give it a try : output files goes in nel/obj7/ and nel/lib7/, avoiding intereference with a VC6 build on the same repository. Some 'DebugFast' targets were missing and thus added (snowballs2 projects). This run succesfully Snowballs2.

The patch set is made of :
   Updates nel.sln and all .vcproj
   To be added into nel/src/sound/driver/dsound/
   Updates snowballs2.sln and client+server .vcproj

To apply the patches from a Windows box, here is a Win32 native port of GNU patch :  (59 KB)

To apply them, use the 'code' module root :

  $ cd code
  $ patch -p0 < patchfile.patch

Thanks !

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