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[Nel] Nel patch painter ASSERTION

From: John Travis
Subject: [Nel] Nel patch painter ASSERTION
Date: Thu, 16 May 2002 22:15:40 -0700 (PDT)

After long hours of trying to get everything compiled.
 I believed I succeeded.
I have placed the following plugins into the plugin
directory of max:


I also placed the nel_drv_opengl.dll, objectviewer.dll
and objectviewer.cfg into my 3dsmax 4.0 directory.

I also placed all the scripts in

NOW...when I go into 3dsmax 4.0.  I build a bezier
quad patch and set the width and height by 160x160.
I rename the patch to 8_AN.  I convert the patch to a
NEL patch.  Everything looks good.
I use the example tile bank and set it.  

Now when I am ready to start painting my patch I click
on the modifier selection and select nel patch paint. 
On the Geometry selection, I click the Paint button. 
As soon as this happens, I receive an ASSERTION

In file:'c:\3dsmax4\maxsdk\include\tab.h'
Line: 117

Here is the code for line 117 in tab.h
T& operator[](const INT_PTR i) const {       // access
ith entry.
// WIN64 Cleanup: Shuler
assert(th&&(i<th->count)); return(th->data[i]); 

The ASSERT gets called on the class Tab. 

Please help.  I know I been posting quite a bit of
messages and I apologize.  But I am almost there and
it would be great if someone who has 3dsmax 4.0 has
gone through the same problem.  Or has not and can
tell me what they did to get pass this.

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