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[Nel] Some NeL 3D tools on GNU/Linux

From: Cedric Valignat
Subject: [Nel] Some NeL 3D tools on GNU/Linux
Date: Tue, 14 May 2002 15:34:00 +0200
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Hi all,

The following tools are now compiling on GNU/Linux platform :

  - nel/tools/3d/build_coarse_mesh

       Compute the coarse shapes and a common texture for all the coarse

  - nel/tools/3d/build_far_bank

       Build the bank used to map the far landscape from a .bank file.

  - nel/tools/3d/build_smallbank

       Build the smallbank from a .bank file. The smallbank is the
       same but information not used in realtime are removed.

  - nel/tools/3d/ig_lighter

       Compute realtime light information for indoor cluster and pacs surface.

  - nel/tools/3d/panoply_maker

       Compute alternative textures.

  - nel/tools/3d/zone_dependencies

       Compute zone lighting dependencies.

  - nel/tools/3d/zone_ig_lighter

       Compute zone realtime light information.

  - nel/tools/3d/zone_welder

       Weld a zones with its neighbors.

  - nel/tools/3d/zone_lighter

       Light a zone.

Nel Misc, 3D and Pacs are needed to compil all of these tools.

By default these tools are not compiled, you have to go in the
nel/tools directory and execute make from there to compile all of
them ...


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