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[Nel] Re: Nel digest, Vol 1 #319 - 7 msgs

From: Garry Keltie
Subject: [Nel] Re: Nel digest, Vol 1 #319 - 7 msgs
Date: Mon, 06 May 2002 10:27:13 +1000

Hi Vinney, thanks for the reply,

>If in the config.cfg the variable is "data/" then, your data need to be in
>the data/ relative to your snowballs.exe

tried that, still says the same. Permissions are fine as well.

>On linux,

> WRN 1318 path.cpp 547 :
CPath::addSearchFile(/usr/local/share/games/snowballs//anims, 0, ):
'/usr/local/share/games/snowballs//anims' is not a file, skip it

>means that snowball tries to find data in the
>"/usr/local/share/games/snowballs/" directory, you >should check that you put
>data in this directory. (the WRN message says that >anims isnot a file (or
>directory) so the anim dir is perhaps missing.

Hmmmm, interesting, I definetly do have files in those directories, 
read/write/execute permissions all the way down the path, and I can veiw the 
image files, they are valid, yet the same errors above popup. Should this be 
testing for a directory as well as a file? (or is it already).



Vianney Lecroart
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