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Re: [Nel] Welding and Lighting zones

From: Cyril 'Hulud' Corvazier
Subject: Re: [Nel] Welding and Lighting zones
Date: Thu, 3 Jan 2002 10:11:06 +0100

Hi Paul,

You can use landscape_builder to build the landscape. But this tools is now 
deprecated and will not be supported in the futur.

We have unified the export / bulid process for all NeL 3d media. It is done
in the folder build_gamedata. It provids for each NeL 3d media type, an
export process (from 3dsmax or directly from the artist database), a build 
process to make the final data and an install process to copy data into the 
final client directories. All is done with batch files. Each process is 
incremental, i-e, build only modified data.

In build_gamedata/processes/, you will find the build environement for
each NeL3d media. In build_gamedata/cfg/ you will find some 
configuration files.

In build_gamedata/processes/zone, you will find a build environnement 
for the landscape very close to landscape_builder.

> I was quite surprised to find it contained only the single command:
> bash sh\

We use the cygwin toolkit to build the landscape under windows and it 
works well.

> Then to my horror I found that the sh directory was empty.  I double-checked
> CVS, and sure enough there are no files in the sh directory.  Where are
> these scripts?  Can someone send me them, or at least tell me what they are
> supposed to do?  Thanks.

Yes, the scripts was missing ! Sorry for this. It should be ok now.


Cyril Corvazier

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