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Re: [Nel] Gamer question

From: Valerio Santinelli
Subject: Re: [Nel] Gamer question
Date: Thu, 13 Dec 2001 15:08:09 +0100

> > The 3D engine seems to be cool but when could we try the
> > game ? (Stupid question by a stupid gamer :) )
>   I assume your talking about the official game other then the Snowballs
> Demo?  I would be curious to know just how much more there is in the
> Official game client compared to the Snowballs client.  Now, here's a
> question.  If the Nevrax makes a game with NEL, do they have to release
> the source or not?  Does anyone who uses NEL actually have to release
> there code as long as they don't alter the NEL code itself.

You have not got to release the source code of your game since it uses NEL.
But if you make any changes to NEL itself, then you're required to make them

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