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Re: Show anchors in the indicator?

From: Benno Schulenberg
Subject: Re: Show anchors in the indicator?
Date: Sat, 1 Aug 2020 09:51:57 +0200
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Op 31-07-2020 om 11:02 schreef Tomas Mudrunka:
> I have to agree with you on the messiness. Especialy because the indicator is 
> to
> be interpreted at the scale of whole file rather than the scale of individual
> lines. And looks really minimalistic and nice like it is.


> Would be shame to break that look.
> Maybe use highlighted background for the first character of the line. Or
> underscore? I think the underscore for the first character of the line would 
> look
> really lean and low-profile.

You know that the anchor is shown when you switch on line numbers?  (Alt+N)

I chose "+" as the character to show the presence of an anchor so that it
would work also in a plain C / ISO8859 locale, and on a Linux console where
the font is often rather limited.  But I will admit that its visibility is
poor.  Maybe nano should use a different character when in a UTF-8 locale?
I propose U+25C6 (black diamond, ◆).

(On the Linux console of my machine, a character that is not in the font
gets shown as a little diamond, so the anchor will seem to display okay
even when the font doesn't have it.)


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