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Re: [Nano-devel] Suggestion: replace -$ with -S

From: Brand Huntsman
Subject: Re: [Nano-devel] Suggestion: replace -$ with -S
Date: Fri, 5 Jul 2019 17:47:05 -0600

On Fri, 05 Jul 2019 16:47:17 +0000
Michael Siegel <address@hidden> wrote:

> > Well, dropping -$ doesn't sound like a good idea, but making -S the 
> > true short option for --softwrap, yes, that is the plan  
> Only why would you still want to keep `-$' after `-S' has 
> taken its place as the short option for `--softwrap'?

M-$ still toggles softwrap. It doesn't make sense to break scripts and aliases 
that use -$ until it is needed for something else.

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