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Re: [Nano-devel] [RFC] is it time to break free from the Pico defaults

From: Benno Schulenberg
Subject: Re: [Nano-devel] [RFC] is it time to break free from the Pico defaults
Date: Mon, 26 Nov 2018 15:54:59 +0100
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Op 23-11-18 om 23:22 schreef Devin Hussey:
> If nano wants to be more accepted as a serious editor instead of "the
> one for n00bs who don't know how to use Emacs or Vim", it needs to
> advertise most of its features out of the box. There is a reason more
> people use Ubuntu and Mint than Arch. You just install it and use it
> without messing with manual setup.
> I think we should use something like these for defaults:
>     # sanity
>     set historylog
>     set nowrap
>     set mouse
>     set multibuffer
>     set smooth
>     set softwrap
>     set zap

I can agree with zap and smooth and nowrap, and maybe with softwrap
and historylog.  But not with mouse (it stops me from using the
touchpad to scroll through the file, and hinders selecting text
by dragging), and not with multibuffer (it would change the tag
for ^R, Insert, into a misnomer).

>     set linenumbers
>     set numbercolor brightblack # gray on most terminals
>     # Actually hardcode the absolute paths into the code.
>     include "/usr/share/nano/*.nanorc"

Line numbers by default would be a nuisance.  And loading all
syntaxes by default is a performance killer.

I was thinking more of:

        set morespace
        set nonewlines
        set nowrap
        set quickblank
        set smooth
        set zap

The blank line below the titlebar is a waste of space.  When
opening a file that does not end with a newline and then saving
it should not change the file.  Lines should not automatically
be hard-wrapped.  Messages on the status bar should disappear
as soon as the user continues typing.  The strange jumping per
half screen I always found distracting.  And <Bsp> and <Del>
should remove selected text by default.


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