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Re: [Nano-devel] about support for more than 16 colors

From: nano
Subject: Re: [Nano-devel] about support for more than 16 colors
Date: Wed, 3 Jan 2018 21:57:09 +1030
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On 03/01/18 07:14, Benno Schulenberg wrote:
I would just use hex codes: #000000,#FFFFFF.  But if the decimal method
is wanted too, then it'll have to rgb(0,0,0),rgb(255,255,255).  It's too
verbose and too cluttered in my opinion, but if people absolutely *want*
a decimal method...
I've used both notations for years, so I'd be happy with either.

Having said that, the hex version does have the advantage of always having a consistent number of characters — which would look neater in the nanorc syntax files... and neat files are always nicer to look at and easier to read. :)

Is it possible for nano to query the 16/256-color palette?

One person I know of blogged about this in detail and actually /did/ come up with a way to probe the actual capabilities of the terminal and see what was actually possible

The blogger didn't recommend it, so I didn't think to bookmark it.  I spent half an hour trying to find the blog post again but failed.  :(

I do think, however, that the method was very similar (if not the same) as the one described by a fellow called Gilles in this post on Stack Exchange:

Hope it helps.


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