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Re: [Nano-devel] [BUGS?] indenting shift selections

From: Benno Schulenberg
Subject: Re: [Nano-devel] [BUGS?] indenting shift selections
Date: Mon, 11 Dec 2017 20:39:33 +0100
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Op 11-12-17 om 04:32 schreef Brand Huntsman:
On Sun, 10 Dec 2017 12:57:31 +0100 Benno Schulenberg <address@hidden>
Why only the top end of the marked region?  Why not the bottom end?

The bottom cursor was never a problem, no matter which direction the selection
was made. The indent or comment is placed at the beginning of the line and
pushed the bottom cursor to the right. But the top cursor was also pushed
forward and that is what we are trying to fix here.

I still don't understand why the top cursor moving right with the indent
is a problem, but the bottom cursor doing the same is not.

Your method is simpler, but neither of your patches for this actually work.
Try with cursor not on a blank line. Indentation/comment on bottom line was
selected before, but no longer with your patch.

But why do you want that bottom indent/comment included in the selection?

For me, the indent/comment feature would be more "intuitive" if, when the
cursor at the bottom of the selection is at the left edge of the screen,
that then that line is not included in the indenting/commenting.  Because
it always surprises me that a line where no text is highlighted at all,
that this line also gets indented or commented.


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