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Re: [Nano-devel] config.log re: magic.h

From: Benno Schulenberg
Subject: Re: [Nano-devel] config.log re: magic.h
Date: Mon, 29 May 2017 12:27:24 +0200

Hello Justine,

On Mon, May 29, 2017, at 02:29, Justine Uro wrote:
> nano 2.8.4 configure request
> config.log excerpt re:magic.h

  checking magic.h usability... no
  checking magic.h presence... yes
  configure: WARNING: magic.h: present but cannot be compiled
  configure: WARNING: magic.h:     check for missing prerequisite headers?
  configure: WARNING: magic.h: see the Autoconf documentation
  configure: WARNING: magic.h:     section "Present But Cannot Be Compiled"
  configure: WARNING: magic.h: proceeding with the compiler's result
  configure: WARNING:     ## --------------------------------- ##
  configure: WARNING:     ## Report this to address@hidden ##
  configure: WARNING:     ## --------------------------------- ##
  checking for magic.h... no
  checking for magic_open in -lmagic... no

Thanks for reporting.

Could you please attach the relevant part of the config.log file,
to see exactly why magic.h fails to be compiled.

On what kind of system are you compiling nano?  Red Hat, Debian,
Ubuntu...?  And which version of the distro?

Were you able to compile older versions of nano without this
warning?  Or did you simply not notice?  Or did you not compile
nano before?


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