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Re: [Nano-devel] [nano] improving accessibility

From: Benno Schulenberg
Subject: Re: [Nano-devel] [nano] improving accessibility
Date: Sat, 10 Sep 2016 12:37:31 +0200

Hello Enrico,

On Sat, Sep 10, 2016, at 08:52, Enrico Mioso wrote:
> It's amazing to see this much interest on those topics:

Well, I'm curious how one manages when one's window on
the "world" is just forty or eighty characters wide.

So, with the routing keys you have an extra way of copying
and pasting text.  What others use the mouse for, and what
in nano we have the mark for (M-A), you can accomplish with
the routing keys (plus some other buttons).  Can you also make
a selection across multiple lines (just like with the mark)?
Or only within one line?

> Regarding nano, I am using version 2.7.0, and for sure I have the git repo 
> cloned here.

Great.  Please try the attached patch.  If things work as you
would like, then I'll add an option 'showcursor' that enables
this functionality only when set.

> For now I am working on an EEE pC 701 
> computer (but with an external SB keyboard),

A 701?  It must be seven or eight years old.  And it is still working?


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