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Re: [Nano-devel] [nano] improving accessibility

From: Enrico Mioso
Subject: Re: [Nano-devel] [nano] improving accessibility
Date: Fri, 9 Sep 2016 11:32:44 +0200 (CEST)

my nano config
Sorry for the late answer.
I learned using nano little by little, mainly:
- with the help text on the lower part of the screen, and with the help window 
i started using nano some versions ago, something like 1.x.x if I am not wrong, 
but learned things when I needed or by chance, there was no real effort i 
My nano configuration is as follows:

set autoindent
unset backup

unset backwards

# Bold text is not a problem, just removed it because I probably won't look at 
# color attributes enough to justify CPU effort.
unset boldtext

set const

unset cut

# Set the line length for wrapping text and justifying paragraphs: my display 
# is 40-character long, the one I use for example at university is 80. i 
# prefer, 
# at the moment, to have all the ext visible without going around and moving 
# the cursor, since I am in VGA mode, 50 rows, 80 cols.
set fill 79

# Don't want the history
unset historylog

set morespace

# Don't need mouse support
unset mouse

set multibuffer

# don't know why I did set this
set noconvert

# Evne more space is apreciated: and alt+X gets back the help text after all
set nohelp

# don't like automatic newlines
set nonewlines

# When writing code, it's interesting to avoid wrapping; i use alt+l when 
# writing text
set nowrap

# Preserve the XON and XOFF keys (^Q and ^S): don't know if I set that or I 
# found it on the sample file? 
set preserve

unset rebinddelete

unset rebindkeypad

unset regexp

unset smarthome

set smooth

# no spell-check config change: all was commented out

set suspend

set tabsize 2

set tabstospaces

unset tempfile

unset view

set wordbounds

I completely ignored the colour setup section i think, and omitted it here 
anyway. So don't know the exact content now :D I don't remember.

Thank you very much guys,

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