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Re: [Nano-devel] polished git repo

From: Mike Frysinger
Subject: Re: [Nano-devel] polished git repo
Date: Mon, 4 Apr 2016 15:10:28 -0400

On 04 Apr 2016 20:51, Benno Schulenberg wrote:
> On Sat, Apr 2, 2016, at 04:15, Mike Frysinger wrote:
> > they've removed the old git repo and i've pushed up my copy now.
> > feel free to make any announcements.
> Should we also make a final commit to SVN, to say that development
> has moved to git and the SVN repo is dead / abandoned / left as a
> monument?

makes sense to me.  could add a flag file like '!!MOVED-TO-GIT' or
update the configure file to use AC_MSG_ERROR([moved to git]).  i
don't think we'd want to delete all the files.

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