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[Nano-devel] the compiled size of nano

From: Benno Schulenberg
Subject: [Nano-devel] the compiled size of nano
Date: Sun, 07 Feb 2016 19:51:12 +0100

On Sun, Feb 7, 2016, at 01:11, Mike Frysinger wrote:
> On 06 Feb 2016 19:03, Mike Frysinger wrote:
> > On a current Linux system, the size of nano is unchanged.
> i verified this statement after each patch in this series.

For me, before the patches, nano was 145480 bytes,
after applying all 8 patches, it was 149588 bytes.

Not a big difference, but still... some three percent.

But what I noted most: 'configure' takes at least twice
as long, :(, and 'make' creates a freaking lot of output.
Could the latter be silenced?

> my system:
>   linux-4.4.0
>   glibc-2.22
>   gcc-5.3.0



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